The Path: The Father and the Son – There Is No Light (Review)

Aaron Paul in The Path

As the title suggests “The Father and the Son” is all about Eddie and Hawk,  as well as the burgeoning relationship between the Lane teenager and Cal. The Path this week also brings Richard and Kodiak that bit closer to learning the truth about Steve and The Light.

It is interesting to note that this episode brings things full circle in terms of Eddie and his discovery at the start of season one that Steve was dead that there was no light. Lane is also being followed, like the young woman who thought her husband had been murdered by the cult last year.

Once again things are taking a more sinister turn and it seems that Richard has already worked out that Cal wrote the last rungs.  Like anyone who seeks the truth behind a lie,  Richard is stumbling a bit. He believes, to an extent, that Cal and his appointed “co-leader” Sarah wrote the last rungs.

Richard enlists the aid of Kodiak to bring Steven close enough to them to ask the question. He believes that Steve is not in the light and both men now think that the man who pushed their leader off the mountain was Cal and not Eddie.

As they perform the ceremony to ask Steve about where he is, Kodiak jerks and tells Richard that “there is no light.” He also reveals that Steve is not in the light since it does not exist. It looks like the whole organization is in danger of imploding.

Cal’s confession to Sarah has not, as he seemingly believed it would, brought Eddie’s wife closer to him. She now distrusts Cal more than ever and is becoming increasingly paranoid about his killing of Silas.

At one point the police show up at the gate as Sarah is returning to the compound. She believes they are there to arrest Cal.  Instead they inform the cult leader that Hawk and Noa were involved with breaking a window on the DaKeer mansion.

Meanwhile Mary seems to be leaning towards wanting Cal to be the father of her unborn baby and in the process is pushing Sean away. Abe is having issues with his wife about being undercover in the group and not spending any time with his family.

Hawk moves to be closer to Cal, whom he now sees as a father-figure since Eddie became a Denier. His father is less than pleased at this latest turn of events and threatens Cal, “I will murder you, before I let you take him away from me.”

Eddie is being followed by a member of the movement after his confrontation with Cal at the center. After getting together with Chloe at a local casino, he spies the man again. Confronting him angrily results in security intervening and punching Eddie out.

Lane awakens on a hospital gurney and is told that he reacted badly to all the alcohol he drank. Eddie spends most of this episode distraught that his son is cutting him off.

Hawk tells his father that it is too hard and it is tearing Eddie apart. Whether it is Eddie’s defection and the realization that Cal may not be telling the truth about Steve, the movement founder, but the whole thing appears to be falling apart.

Sarah expresses doubts to Eddie; most likely brought about by Cal’s confession of murder. Richard and Kodiak stumble across the same “truth” that Eddie saw in his vision last season. A truth that started the believer on his journey of self discovery.

Eddie’s journey has shown him that the entire movement was a lie and that Steve Meyer, at the end, realized that he put his faith in “the wrong son.” Cal is on a path that will lead to his self destruction and the downfall of the movement.

His “threatening” behavior in the parking garage proves that he is still capable of acting dangerously and unpredictably. Cal’s interests continually take precedence over that of the group’s.

Finally we have Abe, who talks about his father not wanting children as he spends no time with his own. The FBI agent appears to be faltering on his own journey to taking Cal down.

This episode also features two moments where men who love their wives come dangerously close to being physically abusive. Abe, who roughly grabs his wife’s arm and Eddie who roughly grabs Sarah, although he does let her go immediately. Abe, on the other hand, is clearly angry and it takes him a few moments to release his wife’s arm.

The Path airs Wednesdays on Hulu. Tune in and watch this fascinating look at cults from the pen of Jessica Goldberg.


Guest starring Britne Oldford as Noa and Leven Rambin as Chloe.

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