The Mick: The Country Club – Caddyshack Poop Attack (Review)


It is all too tempting to call foul on this episode of The Mick. However…This is not, as it first appears, a rip off of Caddyshack. It is instead a gleeful homage that turns that iconic Baby Ruth scene into a poop attack on not just one but two characters in the show.

This episode reveals that the Pemberton’s may have 30 percent of their funds frozen but they have plenty of money left. They are also still members of the country club and have a luxury apartment on ice.  Money manager Barry explains that he knew nothing about the tax issue and Chip tells about Sabrina’s poop in the pool story.

They also learn about gossip columnist Oliver Fishburn’s article about the Pemberton’s problems and the kids decide to take the writer on. Mickey is excited to learn that they are members of a country club, which Chip hastens to explain that his aunt is not a part of.

The action shifts to the club where Sabrina makes things worse and Chip discovers that in the golf competition he has been “demoted” to playing with the local concrete tycoon.

“The Country Club” follows the Pemberton family attack on the gossip columnist.  Operation Poop is meant to humiliate the writer and despite Mickey’s intricate plan, the whole thing falls apart upon its execution.

By the end of the episode, Sabrina ends up with a “roll” of fudge that everyone believes is her poop and Mickey assaults Fishburn with hot sauce. Alba has passed out after drinking far too many mojitos and the only two Pemberton family members to emerge unscathed are Ben and Chip.

The plot this week has Sabrina having to become an willing ally to her aunt when the plan she starts falls apart. Mickey taking on the columnist also fails, she throws an Apple laptop into a fountain that does not belong to the writer and she has to retreat.

Alba gets wasted on mojitos and spends a fortune on a spa afternoon with Ben. Chip, who has become a personal favorite as portrayed by Thomas Barbusca (he joins Carla Jimenez and Kaitlin Olson), manages to almost eclipse the main storyline with his version of this “Caddyshack” homage.

After the golf tournament, where he and Jerry, along with their two Japanese partners, come last the concrete magnate lies and tells the club that Chip got a hole in one. In any golf club in the world this means the player must treat everyone to a drink at the 19th hole.

Chip is furious but then embellishes his “fame.” Telling  politically incorrect jokes and working the room until the club president calls him into the office with charges that he lied about the hole in one.

Jerry saves the day by bribing the two Japanese players, who pointed out the lie, and when the president apologizes about the whole thing, Chip rips into the man with a vengeance.

It is pure Chip.

The episode’s poop finale, with Sabrina rushing to push the columnist into the pool with that fudge “lookalike” fails. She re-lives her earlier humiliation  and the “pool panic” when she grabs the roll of fudge replicated the Caddyshack scene before the groundskeeper moment in the film.

Everyone in this episode got a chance to shine. This ensemble cast is meshing together perfectly and every segment of this brilliantly funny show increases the comedy quotient exponentially.

The Mick continues to push the boundaries of good taste while delivering more laughs per square inch of film than any other comedy out there at the moment. The series unapologetically goes for the jugular with whatever works.

The series airs Tuesdays on FOX and should not be missed. Who else has the brass to pay such a loving homage to a 1980’s iconic comedy. This episode, like the rest in this opening season was spot on. Go now and watch this brilliantly un-PC comedy show.


Guest starring Paul Ben-Victor as Jerry Berlin, Jason Kravits as Barry, Sam Pancake as Oliver Fishburn, Avery Wada as Dai Yamaguchi, Toshiya Agata as Jun Yamaguchi and Thomas Crawford as club president.

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