Lucifer: Winter Finale – Vanishing Act (Recap/Review)


This was, for all intents and purposes, an edge of your seat winter finale. Lucifer “A Good Day to Die” was a mixed bag of emotions, plot thread tie-ups and an ending that had Morningstar pulling a vanishing act. Lucifer also goes back to Hell in order to save Chloe but is almost trapped there.

Last week’s episode saw Decker poisoned by the professor. We learn that when she tackled the miscreant he injected her. The race is on to find an antidote before she dies.

This episode was all about guilt.  Lucifer’s guilt at killing Uriel;  whom he encounters in Hell. Charlotte’s guilt at using Uriel to mess about with Lucifer, and of course her guilt at manipulating her son. Amenadiel’s guilt at being a part of God’s plan to place Chloe in Lucifer’s path and of course Professor Carlisle’s guilt about letting his student die.

Carlisle’s punishment in Hell is to eternally relive the moment where he rescued his papers. Lucifer is trapped and must repeatedly kill Uriel and only Charlotte can rescue him.

The plan that Lucifer comes up with it quite clever. Staying in close proximity to Chloe makes him mortal. After tasking Amenadiel with keeping the dying detective in the room above him, Linda Martin agrees to kill Lucifer so he can return to heaven.

After he gets the formula for the antidote for Chloe Lucifer finds Uriel and is caught in his own personal Hell. Charlotte tells Linda, who volunteer’s to go after her client, that she will go instead. Without a moment of hesitation Maze stops Charlotte’s heart.

There are moments of hilarity. Ella telling Chloe and Lucifer that they are luck she remembered to put “pants on…eventually,” when they wake her to come to the station.

Dan getting beaten after blowing his approach to Carlisle’s henchman and Lucifer revealing that he could have gotten free at any time. Maze’s unflinchingly zapping Charlotte’s heart after she volunteers to go after her son.

The episode plays on the fear that Decker is going to die and then gives us a look at how Lucifer has become trapped by his own guilt in his former kingdom.  It ends with both Amenadiel and Charlotte, aka Mum, helping Morningstar to save Chloe and later Lucifer himself.

Decker survives and in keeping with her sudden conversion to being attracted unabashedly to Lucifer goes after her saviour when she is released from hospital. The detective finds the nightclub empty and Morningstar is missing.

This was always in the cards though. Lucifer was mad as hell (pun intended) that the whole Chloe Decker experience was orchestrated by “father.” Charlotte’s confession that she and Amenadiel also manipulated him infuriated him.

Looking at the teaser for the show’s return in May, it looks like the hunt is on for the missing Morningstar.

On a sidenote: Ella Lopez, already a personal favorite, is given more backstory in this episode. We learn that she used to boost cars and has a brother still in the business. She also sleeps sans pants…

There were some standout moments in this episode. Lucifer and his look of horror as he repeatedly stabs Uriel in Hell. Trixie hugging Amenadiel and his look of joy and later the angel fighting off security in order to keep his word to Lucifer. Ella and her brother meeting in the chop shop was also a standout moment.

DB Woodside and Scarlett Estevez

The winter finale wrapped up some things and left other’s wide open. (All the better to keep the viewer coming back…) Kudos to Tom Ellis who proved once again that his acting chops are huge. Mad props to Lesley-Ann Brandt for making Mazikeen real and funny.

D.B. Woodside rocked it in this episode as well. This ensemble cast managed to pull out all the stops to make this an episode to remember.

Lucifer returns to FOX in May 2017.


Guest starring  Tim DeKay as Professor Carlisle, Michael Imperioli as Uriel and Joe Williamson as Burt.

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