Rosewood: Asphyxiation & Aces – Escape Artist (Review)


Rosewood “Asphyxiation & Aces” is another one of those episodes where the killer can be identified within the first few moments of the show. In other words, before the second commercial break, the culprit; questioned and passed over by the team, is as clear as the nose on one’s face.

An escape artist and magician is found dead in a trunk at the bottom of a swimming pool. The first suspect, apart from the victim’s female BFF’s boyfriend, Nathan, Zavier Salvas did the dirty deed. A case of professional jealousy being the main motive, a life-long “also ran” who hated the younger man for getting that Vegas gig.

In this episode, however, the murder was not the main storyline. It too was an “also ran” with Rosie’s careful vetting of Adrian taking up part of the segment along with Ira Hornstock’s mysterious behavior taking up the rest.

These two plot lines were also, to an extent, filler. The big news, coming at the tale end of the episode was a “cliffhanger” meant to make the last two episodes of this season of Rosewood a couple of shockers.

Rosewood goes to see a doctor who tells him his Tawnya binge affected Rosie more than they initially thought. If you have family, the doc says, you will need them around you.


The other relationship issues, Villa and her new fella Dr. Webb, take the entire episode to solve.  Even though Rosie finally clears Adrian, Annalise is being too cautious one moment and is then temporarily “all in.” Webb is uncertain about where they stand and finally, Villa explains where the vacillating behavior comes from.

Resident Evil: Extinction actress Spencer Locke, as Danni Wagner, is the other relationship puzzle piece. Her best friend Emilio is murdered and at first Danni’s boyfriend is the suspect. Nathan, however, is a nice guy who had no issues with the murder victim.

Later they find out that Danni has an incurable disease that Emilio was using his sleight of hand skills to steal money. He was cheating at cards at a local casino in order to pay for his best mate’s medical treatments.

Ira and Daisie are also up to something. Initially, it looks like the two are being secretive for relationship reasons. Later, after Daisie gives up her pappi’s big news, Villa learns that Hornstock has applied for a captain’s position at Palm Beach.

In another one of those relationship storylines, Captain Slade puts in a good word for Ira. At first Hornstock believes that his replacement tried to scupper his chances. Later, he learns that Slade really sold Ira to the new precinct.

The former captain  turns down the offer and Slade realizes that Ira feels that Villa, Rosie and the rest of the precinct are his family.

This was an interesting episode but it was far too easy to work out who the bad guy was in the murder investigation. It was fun though to see the team clear their three main suspects.

It was also amusing to see Rosie get caught short when he and Webb try to get the surveillance tapes from the casino where Emilio was cheating. Rather interestingly, at the start of the episode, Rosie sees Villa dancing with him at the club where he and Annalise and Webb are double dating.

Clearly, Rosewood still has a thing for Villa.

The last two episodes promise to have some heavy “life-threatening” drama with Rosie’s heart condition being affected by all that boozy partying.

Rosewood now airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see just what has happened to the billboard pathologist’s heart.


Guest starring Spencer Locke as Danni Wagner, Joel Swetow as Zavier Salvas, Adam Chambers as Kristoff Kade, Kendrick Sampson as Nathan Turner and Maurice Mejia as Emilio Sanchez. 

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

One thought on “Rosewood: Asphyxiation & Aces – Escape Artist (Review)”

  1. Nice review. We get to see it here one week after the air date but this was a good review. I totally got the bad guy immediately.


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