Lucifer: Stewardess Interruptus – A Moment and Maze (Review)


Lucifer “Stewardess Interruptus” may well have been all about Lucifer and Chloe and their rocky path to getting Charlotte and Amenadiel back to heaven. However it was Maze, with her demands for a pat on the back, who made this episode stand out.

As Lucifer has his “moment” interrupted by the soon to be murdered Jana, he clearly believes that his prior love life has messed up the connection he just made with Chloe. The two main storylines has Charlotte working overtime to set her son up with Decker and has past lovers of Lucifer’s being murdered.

Mum’s reasoning behind pushing Chloe and Lucifer together stems from the realization that her husband, aka God, set Decker in her son’s path for a reason. She firmly believes that if these two get together, she and Amenadiel will get “the keys to the kingdom.”

Meanwhile two of a trio of former lovers, male and female, have been bumped off. The path of love for Decker becomes fraught with the realization that Lucifer has slept, apparently, with half of Los Angeles.

Lucifer learns, much to his dismay, that none of his lovers feel anything for him. They all admit to his being the best sexual partner ever but apart from that there was nothing there in the way of feelings.

The main suspect, for quite some time, is Lucifer. The episode follows Chloe and Lucifer following the clues to the final potential victim. They learn that the private flight, with all the dead flight crew on it, was transporting what everyone believed to be drugs.

They are not, as Andy Kleinburg finds out before dying, and they belong to a shadowy figure in a fedora.  The items in the case appear to be some sort of biological weapons, in the form of viruses and are clearly going to reappear later on.

Decker and Lucifer finally get their moment, they kiss on the beach, and from the previews at the end of the show, things look to be heating up quite nicely between the two. Charlotte will be pleased.

While all the police work, questioning of most of LA, in the form of Lucifer’s former sexual partners, and Chloe learning that Dan slept with Charlotte, goes on, Maze is eager to get credit for doing “a good deed.”

She “drops the paper” (like dropping the mic) for Chloe when the front page story is of her father’s killer being murdered by the Russian mob. Instead of Decker being happy with the result, she explains to her demon roomie that she wanted the man to rot in prison.

Later, when Maze goes to collect her bounty at the police station, she wants to celebrate with Dan, who was her ally in the Russian deal. He is not pleased and even panics when she talks about the murder in the police station.

Maze goes to see her friend Linda for some free psychiatric advice. Dr. Martin explains to Maze that she needs to appreciate her own self worth from within and not require her friends to recognize her “awesomeness.” Mazikeen takes this to heart and when she agrees to help Chloe and Lucifer she tells her roommate that “awesomeness comes from within b*tches.”

Between Maze’s quest for praise, and her near rage at not getting it, and her glee at beating up the suspect in the sting, “Can I keep him?” Mazikeen provided some quality levity to the proceeds and managed to show some character evolvement in the process.

It has always been just a matter of time before Decker and Lucifer “connected” and this takes the two one step closer to having the sexual congress that Morningstar has always yearned for.

A standout moment on the episode was Lucifer coming into contact with his stalker Suki. Funny and odd it was a comic highlight that did not rely upon Brandt’s frustrated demon for a laugh.

Kudos to Lesley-Ann Brandt for making Mazikeen a joy to watch this season. The demon was a favorite in season one but Brandt, and the writers, have made Maze something special this time around.  Only Brandt can make those looks of absolute delight, insane rage and massive disappointment to shift effortlessly across her face. An MVP award, or an Emmy, is long overdue here.

The show is becoming, more or less, an ensemble piece. However, Tom Ellis, who proves time and again that he can do more than comedy alone, manages to do so much with his character.

The rest of the cast kill it each week as well and it says a lot about the show that the guest roles manage to impress as well.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.


Guest starring Jamie Kennedy as Andy Kleinburg, Joe Williamson as Burt, Diana Bang as Suki and Toby Levins as Tim Pickman. 

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