Sleepy Hollow: In Plain Sight – Witness Protection (Review)


Sleepy Hollow with its new improved Ichabod Crane “2.0” has hit the Washington streets running this season. “In Plain Sight” was a fast paced and suspense filled bit of fun. Also hidden in plain sight was a nod and a wink to that play “Macbeth” for those not beholden to theatrical superstitions) with three not very nice witches.

The gag here was that George Washington hired the three broomstick gals to sniff out the truth. As one character says, somewhat sarcastically, “They must be the real reason George couldn’t tell a lie.” Very tongue in cheek yet, per the guidelines of the main plot, spot on.

Molly Thomas, while not the reincarnation of Abbie Mills, is indeed the new witness and is such a tender age (10) that she will need to be protected. One assumes that Jenny and Ichabod will also be protecting Molly’s mum from this staggering bit of truth as well.

Thus far, Ichabod’s field partner is taking all the mumbo jumbo and “secret” Washington stuff pretty well. She even managed to take in all that “glamour” hocus-pocus without missing too much of a beat.

On a sidenote, Diana got more bent out of shape at Jenny stopping two mean girls from picking on her daughter. Rather than thanking her kid’s saviour she reacted hostilely.  Granted, it made her delight all that more palpable when Molly started talking but…

As one reader noted, this season’s cast are impressive and pretty interesting. Granted, some of them are a tad “trope-worthy,” coming close to becoming a cliche. For instance, Alex Norwood feels a little too Velma-ish, albeit sans glasses and much more of a scrapper, she was all too ready to take on whatever came out of that vault.

She does work out that Ichabod Crane has to be the Ichabod Crane of legend and, in this verse, history. This does not have Alex rushing to befriend the guy, quite the reverse, and despite Jake’s almost instance acceptance, she wants to know more about why Crane is really there.

The main plot line, dealt with season four bad guy Malcolm Dreyfuss collecting a knife from three witches. These magical women have been around since the Salem days and used the instrument Dreyfuss wants incorrectly.

Moll, it seems, had been lying for centuries about the knife’s powers. Faster than one can say naughty Moll, the other two force a snake from her body and kill her.

Diana, Jenny and Ichabod find the body and soon learn that the dead woman looks much different when seen through the lens of a smartphone camera.

The two sisters, after having concluded their deal with Malcolm, go out on the town and kill two lying sleaze balls who cheat on their wives.  Diana and Ichabod visit the crime scene, alerted by the tattoo BOLO they released earlier, and head back to where they found Molly’s body.

Using the smartphone again, Crane finds their hidden witches lair and they investigate. The witches return after Diana breaks their protective spell over the house and pays the price immediately. Jenny rushes to her aid which leave Crane to face the other one.

After a few tense moments the glamour is broken and the two old gals turn to dust. Malcolm is still piecing together his plans of destruction or whatever it is he is up to.

We learn that Molly is indeed the new witness and that Dreyfuss is working to bring back the headless horseman. Previews of the next episode makes it look like the old chap might be in for an upgrade.

Season four of Sleepy Hollow looks like a case of one step forward and two steps back.  Harking back to the more familiar whilst changing the locale and the mission somewhat.

The new cast and the introduction of a very young witness has changed the dynamic. The re-imagining was needed as the show was getting a tad stale. Some of the new players are more interesting than others. Alex, played by Rachel Melvin, is already a favorite character and Molly, as Abbie’s replacement, is an interesting choice, for a kid, Oona Yaffe is showing some impressive chops.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays on FOX.  This season is starting off with a bang and if it keeps going in this direction, should get some of its magic back (pun intended).


Guest starring Sara Sanderson as Moll, Kelley Missal as Malligo,  Courtney Lakin as Marg and Caroline Arapoglou as Clara.

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