Rosewood: Mummies & Meltdowns – Hail Mary Time (Review) [Update]


[Update] It has been brought to our attention that the talented actor Eddie Cibrian has been incorrectly credited on the cast links due to an administrative error. Mike’s Film Talk has corrected this and extend our sincere apologies to Mr. Cibrian.

Rosewood “Mummies & Meltdowns” follows last week’s episode where Rosie learns that Tawnya has taken him for everything he has.  While the pathologist is suffering his own meltdown, a music industry bad boy turns up dead and mummified on his boat.

This was a brilliant episode, although Rosie sorting himself out by the end of the show was a little…unrealistic.  However, this one gets massive points for taking the real life tale of the German boat captain found mummified on his yacht in 2016.

Of course as this is Rosewood the dead music producer was murdered and even with Rosie missing on almost every cylinder, he and his team work their way through the suspects until he figures out how to solve the mystery.

The big story is Rosie’s downward spiral after learning that Tawnya was a con artist and not the real deal. All his friends try to help him through his issues. Some, more gently than others, as Villa smacks the heck out of her bestie when she finds him drunk and in bed with two hookers. (Joo Joo calls her for help.)

Rosie goes through a short period of cynicism and having a pretty sour outlook on like. Again, as this is Rosewood, his outlook actually helps to prove the innocence of a few of the suspects.

He turns on everyone, bar Villa, and even treats Joo Joo, the man who has paid his friend’s bar bill across Miami and watched his back, abysmally. Eventually, Rosie has to sell the GTO to pay his bills and the Magic Lab staff.

The mummified body does not yield up many clues except for the tox report which shows that El Jefe, the dead man, was a long time user of digitalis. The man had a bad heart.

Apart from the heart medication, nothing else can be learned from the dried out corpse. As the questioning of suspects continues Villa tries once again to get Rosie out of the dumps.

Annalise tells him to try shaking and screaming.  Rosie is not buying her solution and she inadvertently provides a possible solution to the murder. She tires to save a plant that Rosie has practically killed.

He then realizes that they should try to re-hydrate the corpse. Rosie calls this action, “Hail Mary time.” He and his lab step to and despite the fact that none of them think it will really work, it does. They learn that the music producer was tased and his body dragged for a distance after he died.

Rosie finds a splinter. He and Villa head to he docks and the pathologist finds a bit of taser “confetti.” The killer is the choreographer who loved El Jefe and was furious when the man wanted to “come out” with someone else.

Before the murder is solved, Rosie calls Kayla’s phone, which had been turned off. She meets with him and tells Rosie that she is not a teenager, her name is not Kayla, she is 22 and she broke from Tawnya. She did not like what they did to Rosie.

They talk and Ira shows up mid conversation. Rosie tells Hornstock to book “Kayla.”  Later, after the case is solved, he changes his mind and drops the charges. Kayla is set free but he tells her that they cannot go back.

As Rosie gets ready to leave, Slade tells him to wait. Ira, Villa and the captain tells Rosie that since he sold the GTO they may have  a loaner for him to drive. Outside, all his family and friends reveal that they bought back the GTO.

Rosie and Annalise go an a drive and with a scream, that startles Villa, things look a bit more settled in Rosewood land.

The entire Tawnya storyline felt…wrong. There was no sign that the waitress was not what she claimed but her presence was not appreciated by many fans.  Taking Rosie for everything was a surprise and also felt wrong.

Still, as mentioned in an earlier review, Rosie was eager to be a family man and thought he had found the perfect fit. His bouncing back seems a bit rushed but, this is Rosie after all.

Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz still have the best chemistry and Eddie Ciboria (who has worked with Chestnut before in the 2005 horror film  The Cave) is slowly but surely fitting in.

In this episode, the character of Captain Slade peeled another layer back to reveal more of what makes the man tick.

Rosewood has moved from Thursdays on FOX to Fridays.  Tune in on the right night to catch the final three episodes in this season.


Guest starring Kamal Angelo Bolden as Joo Joo, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Jamil Luther, Matt Pascua as Chase Austin, Patrick Hume as Leland Evan Manson and Camille Spirlin as Kayla.

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