Blindspot: Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord – Broken Roman (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 2

Blindspot “Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord” sees Patterson back at work, trying to decipher that leopard tattoo, and suffering from a killer migraine. Things are weird between Zapata and Reade after that fumbled pass and Jane is not a happy camper. Roman, it seems, is broken.

The damage goes way back to those unhappy days in the South Africa orphanage. Roman refused to kill his pet rabbit so mother had him punished. A little time in solitary confinement, in the dark, enabled the small boy to overcome his squeamishness.

Little Roman does not kill the bunny, but does stab and kill the kid who took his coin. The psychiatrist that Nas brings in to study Roman later declares that he is utterly devoid of empathy. He is, in effect, a psychopath. Jane disagrees.

Meanwhile, Patterson has gone back over an old tattoo are discovered that presumed dead terrorist Anton Stepulov has entered the country via shipping container down at the docks. The team head out to intercept the man and find he is traveling with Jane’s old torture buddy CIA Operative Keaton.

Stepulov is being courted by the CIA for information. A woman’s dying brother has provided a heart for the terrorist’s son. Anton has promised to stop a terrorist attack, scheduled for later that day, when Keaton’s surgeons save his son.

Weller and his team take the trio to their offices for the operation. The kid dies. Keaton is all for lying to the terrorist but Kurt tells the truth. Stepulov reacts badly to the new and refuses to tell anyone where the attack will take place.

Patterson works out location from Anton’s cell phone. The team arrive and a rack of basketballs explode. They work out that Anton wants to kill Keaton’s daughter who is playing in a basketball playoff’s game.

The team rush to stop the bombs from exploding and Patterson turns off all the cell towers to keep the terrorist from detonating the explosives. Keaton proves that  he loves his kid and is willing to die for her.

Reade and Zapata finally seem to work out their misstep, from when Edgar threw a pass at his partner, but it also looks like Tasha set Reade up with a date. This still feels weird, like Zapata is pulling some sort of stunt.

Dr. Sun has a session with Roman and declares him unfit to re-join the human race. Weller is inclined to agree as the only thing Roman has remembered so far is how to kill.

Kurt also finds out that despite Allison’s previous wishes, she does not want him involved with their baby. She is moving to Colorado, for a promotion, and Conor is going with her.

By the end of the episode, Patterson solves the riddle of the removed tattoo. There is a direct connection between the tattoo’s message and Roman.

Blindspot continues to provide new revelations each week while managing to remind us just how little Weller and company know about Shepherd and her organization’s final mission.

The series airs Wednesdays on NBC.


Guest starring Bridget McGarry as Erin, Li Jun Li as Dr. Karen Sun, Mark Ivanir as Anton Stepulov, Quincy Dunn-Baker as Conor and Chad Donella as CIA operative Keaton.

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