Shadowhunters: A Door Into the Dark – Jace and Clary (Review)


Shadowhunters “A Door Into the Dark” reveals quite a lot while managing to take Clary right back to where she was in season one; when Jocelyn was missing. She no longer feels a part of the Institute or part of the Mundane world. Jace, meanwhile, is still accepting the lies that his father Valentine has fed him, until the very end of the episode at least.

Aldertree is turning out to be the best “man we love to hate” by picking on the weaker members of the downworld community. He zeroes on on Simon and, after questioning, the newest member of the vampire community inadvertently shops Raphael as being the leader of the vamps.

Raphael confronts Simon, immediately after he is picked on by Luke’s pack of werewolves again. The white haired female really has it in for Simon. Later she will be stabbed by Valentine after Clary stops Jace from doing it.

Magnus takes Simon to India to hunt for Camille, after Raphael tells him to bring her back to face charges of breaking the Accord. Once there, Simon finally gets his Encanto on and Magnus finds all the stuff that Camille took from him.

Dot is still alive, although Valentine experimented on her. It seems that Jace and Clary’s dad cannot help himself. She enchants Clary making it seem that the downworlders are going to murder every last Mundane until they are all gone.

Jocelyn, turns out to believe wholeheartedly that Jace/Jonathan is evil to his core. She shows her daughter the moment when baby Jonathan’s eyes turned jet black and he sucked the life out of a flower. (It does seem a little bit of an overreaction on Jocelyn’s part. After all it was not like the tyke sucked the life out of a puppy. Just saying….)

Valentine proves that he is still a rotter at the core and has been lying to Jace about everything. On top of that, Valentine’s shadowhunter creations are stealing top fighters from bare knuckle events, Dojos and so on. The process of being turned into a shadowhunter is just too hard on regular mundanes.

Alec and Izzy start hanging out at these fight contests and try to question one of Valentine’s lackeys. The guy slits his own throat rather than talk though.

Clary heads back to the Mundane world to do a little artwork and Jocelyn, along with Luke, catch up to her. Clary is less than pleased with both her mother and Luke and leaves. Right after storming out, Dot, complete with scary black veins all over her face, takes Clary through a portal.

They arrive on Valentine’s ship where Dot give Clary a false vision of the future. Luke gives Jocelyn a gem that Alec can use to find his parabatai. It is a dangerous undertaking and despite Izzy being totally against it, Alec uses it to find Jace.

Clary, with a little help from Dot, manages to get Jace away from his father. Dot will be punished for this transgression as Valentine is clearly furious with her intervention.

Though Isabelle had little to do in this episode of Shadowhunters she did at least get to kick a bare knuckle fighter’s arse in an amusing scene. This season seems to be taking a huge step backwards. Clary is back to being disoriented, disenchanted and disowned by the Institute again.

Alec has resumed hating Clary with a vengeance  and Dot has been brought back from the dead. All very first season but without the kick-arse pilot episode with all the uber cool action and music.

Still, the move to bring Jace and Clary back together, not as a couple but as a brother and sister bound together with the same mission, is a good one. The chemistry works better when these two are working on the same team.

The incestuous overtones are now gone, but not forgotten; as Valentine pointed out last week, the demon blood in Jace means he will always fancy his sister.

By the end of the episode Jace has escaped with sis, Simon has learned how to do the Encanto and Valentine is massively annoyed.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays on Freeform.


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