Rosewood: Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch – Fly Away (Review)


Rosewood “Bacterium and the Brothers Panitch” was a good start to the second part of the season. It featured a hostage situation and a chance for Ira Hornstock to prove yet again that he is one hell of a cop.  There is a glance into Captain Slade’s past and, at long last, all of those fans who never really liked Tawnya now know why.

This episode had a nasty twist in its tail. Throughout the episode, Tawnya provides a narrative that ends when the events of this segment finish. Alls well that ends well for everyone but Rosie.

Owen Panitch takes a cop hostage and borrows his uniform. Then he takes the station hostage with the help of two accomplices. The man wants his brother Walter either released or declared innocent.

It seems that Slade, back in his old precinct, was approached by Owen when his gentle giant of a brother reacted badly at his arrest. Slade ignored Owen which was the trigger for this latest action by the free Panitch brother.

Rosewood this week was all about relationships behind all the explosives, shooting of accomplishes and the primary story of brotherly love. There was the secondary character of Agent Harrows who turned out to be more of a problem than a solution and Floyd Butters made a welcome if short reappearance.

Rosie and Ira help Owen but the hostage taker pays a steep price for the actions he has taken. Walter is indeed a gentle giant who only acted out after a bad dentist visit.

By the end of the episode, Villa and Adrian sort out their differences. So too do TMI and Pippy, Rosewood, however has been caught with his pants down, so to speak.

Tawnya, it seems, despite her farewell note’s claim to the contrary, was never about Team Rosie at all. She has cleaned the pathologist out, his checking and savings accounts have been emptied along with the safe in his home.

Rosewood managed to hook up with a con artist who made him her latest mark.  He was so busy with his mother’s problems that whatever warning he may have had was lost in his almost urgent need to be a “family man.”

This was an interesting story arc and the end, where Tawnya’s note is verified by Rosie finding that the two new women in his life have taken him for everything,  was shocking and a little disappointing.

Beaumont Rosewood Jr. has always seemed to have an internal radar that was capable of sniffing out the fakers, cheats and liars. This move by show creator Todd Harthan feels like a move meant to make up for the lack of quality in the second season.

Could Rosie be fooled so easily? Fans may not think so but perhaps his move away from Annalise could explain the loss of his mojo. There are two episodes left. Number 12 airs on Friday, January 13. “Mummies and Meltdowns” is the title. Could one of the meltdowns be Rosie’s?

Rosewood now airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see what Rosie’s next move will be.


Guest starring Michael Weston as Owen Panitch, Julianna Guill as Astrid, Dawn Olivieri as Agent Harrows, Daniel Buran as Duke and Kurt Fuller as Floyd Butters.

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