Son of Zorn: Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend – Plus One (Review)


Son of Zorn manages to beat its record for outlandish storylines with “Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend.” Edie and Craig send out invitations for their engagement party and invite Zorn. They do not, however, give him the option of a “plus one.” Edie’s ex is not overly impressed by the oversight and he decides to bring a former flame to the party.

Radiana is an ex that spells trouble for Zorn in more ways than one. She is not only radioactive but the green goddess is jealous and possessive.  As the two spend time having sex repeatedly, Zorn is getting radiation poisoning.

Alan wants to do something special for his mother’s and Craig’s engagement party. He decides to play the “glass harp” aka crystal water glasses.  Edie is not pleased at the announcement since Alan “sucks” at anything musical.

Alan is excited about playing the glass harp for Edie and Craig and he is hoping to impress Layla with his nonexistent musical skills.

Meanwhile everyone tells Zorn that Radiana is literally not good for him. As the days go by, he starts spitting glowing phlegm and has green stuff under his eyes. By the time the engagement party arrives, Zorn is a shadow of his former self.

His hair is falling out, as well as a few teeth, there are green radiation sores all over his body and he cannot stand on his own. Radiana is killing him. Alan has to take him to the toilet and since Zorn cannot stand, he sits on the toilet instead.

Alan goes to bring Radiana into the toilet and Zorn breaks up with her. The radioactive woman starts to have a literal meltdown. Craig, who has been trying to get everyone to let him be their therapist, talks Radiana down.

By the end of the episode, Zorn is single again, and alive, Edie is proud of Alan for “trying” to play the glass harp and Linda suggests that she and Zorn go and “bang those two waiters over there.”

“Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend” dips even further into the realm of surrealistic humor. We all know that Zorn’s radioactive poisoning will be cured by the next episode, just as it is a certainty that no “real” person will be affected by the radiation.

Craig continues to be the unsung hero here. His blandness, aka vanilla-ness, which is something that Zorn is accused of, is so overpowering it is amazing that he and Edie even began dating. Of course he is the total antithesis of Edie’s own ex so it makes perfect sense that these two would be together.

Less is made of Alan’s “lower half” in the episode, and the previous one, but suffice to say, if the romance between Layla and Alan continues it is bound to “come up.” (See what we did there?)

Sudeikis is still the funniest thing in the show, but the rest of the cast also contribute to the comedy. Pemberton is spot on as the awkward yet slowly accepting son, Hines is just brilliant as Edie and, as mentioned before, Meadows is the unsung hero as Craig.

Kudos to the show’s creators; Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne, for giving Artemis Pebdani and Cameron Monaghan more time on the series. Both of Zorn’s co-workers are funny in their own right. 

Son of Zorn airs Sundays on FOX.


Guest starring Olivia Wilde as Radiana and Clara Mamet as Layla.

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