Superstore: Lost and Found – Amy and Jonah? (Review)

 Superstore - Season 2

Superstore “Lost and Found” starts the second half of the season with news that Amy and Adam are not doing well at all. Adam is living in the basement. This clearly leaves an opening for the “Will they, won’t they” thing between Jonah and Amy to develop over a few more episodes.

The character dynamic between the two has always been hot, hot, hot. Their chemistry and the dislike at first sight reaction of Amy to the new guy signaled the possibility of an office romance from the very first episode.

“Lost and Found” followed up the Garrett and Dina hook up over the holidays and it seems almost preordained that these two “opposites” will end up being an item for quite some time. Although Garrett bellowing insults at Dina in the middle of the store means that this couple will be tempestuous at best.

Superstore had the Cloud 9 employees “lost and found diving” to help meet the corporate ruling that the bin had to be cleared by the end of the year.  The items picked ran from a pair of old dentures, to a ratty looking wig.

In-between these, was Mateo’s plucking out a pair of cargo shorts and Amy’s collecting a leather men’s jacket. The two trade, after Mateo pushes the point. Later, Jonah models the shorts for Amy and starts pulling items out of the pockets.

These included a weed “butt,” some escort cards, a receipt for an Arizona ice tea and a wad of cash. Jonah hands the money to Amy and tries to talk her into spending the find on herself. The first thing she does is give $90 to Cheyenne for disposable diapers.

The new mother then tells the rest of the Cloud 9 employees about the money and they all help Amy to spend the rest of her find on the break room.

Glenn tries to cheer his employees up after Dina reads off a letter from corporate about depression.  He then asks the pharmacist about it and Tate reveals that a lot of employees are on antidepressants. “Mostly the uggos,” he says.  Glenn works hard to get his workers to laugh.

Sandra realizes that she remembers selling an Arizona ice tea to a man in cargo pants and she tracks him down.  She brings the man in and he proves that the $900 belongs to him and Amy has to give the money back.

Later, while she is returning all the items bought with the money, Glenn comes in. He is now depressed because his plan to cheer everyone up failed. Amy reveals that Adam is living in their basement and that her marriage is in real trouble.

Glenn invites her to talk to him about her problems.

Apart from show creator Justin Spitzer setting up a possible Jonah and Amy romance, this episode brought back the “old favorites” that fans adore. The weird, or just funny, customer interactions included two mother inadvertently switching kids. 

The smarmy pharmacist Tate returns to prove once again that he is the Donald Trump of Cloud 9; a self-absorbed narcissist who is full of his own self-importance. The scene where he books the massage chair for the entire day is brilliant.

This season of Superstore may not end with a Jonah and Amy romance but it is clearly headed that way.  The Garrett and Dina “ships in the night” romance may turn out to be funnier than the Amy/Jonah storyline and one can only hope that this runs for a while longer.

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune in for the comedic duo of Ben Feldman and America Ferrera and stay for the ensemble that kick arse every single week.  (Sandra and Myrtle are both becoming solid members of that ensemble and each bring something to the show. Well done for giving them more to do.)


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