Dr Ken: Ken’s New Intern – True Love (Recap/Review)


Dr. Ken returns after its mid-season break with “Ken’s New Intern.” As with each episode of Dr Ken  there is a message hidden in all that comedy. This week it appears to be that true love will always win out and that self acceptance may well be the key to real happiness.

D.K. continues to play matchmaker for Molly and Jae. The path to true love runs a tad bumpy, as the barber’s grandson does not text Molly back after their date.

Ken gets a new intern, Erin. She seems to be very drawn to Ken, much to Allison’s dismay and Damona unleashes those pipes again and this time her singing leads to an unwelcome trip down memory lane.

The episode starts at a karaoke bar where Damona impresses Eric and the rest of the Welltopia crew with her singing. Ken has to follow and he tries to get Allison to trade spots with him.

Ken starts singing and Damona leaves saying she does not like this song. Eric starts to go after her and Clark stops him. He tells him about how in high school Damona went briefly into professional music and how it ended  badly for her.

Clark then explains that Ken is singing a song from the very album that Damona sang on. However, when the the music video came out, they had someone lip syncing to Damona’s voice and she never got credit for the song.

Eric is upset for his girlfriend and Pat realizes that he lost his virginity to Damona’s voice. When Damona’s fella decides she should get credit Clark tells him that she has no interest in pursuing that particular line.

At Welltopia Pat introduces Ken to Erin, his new intern. The new doc on the block is taken with Ken immediately; she thinks he is hysterically funny.  The intern lets rip with earsplitting peals of laughter each time Ken makes a joke.

Damona and Clark are flummoxed but the new intern’s behavior. Erin is very “touchy feely” and after a few moments of her “making contact” with Ken, he distracts her and runs off.

D.K. quizes Molly on her date with Jae. After a little hesitation, Molly tells her grandpa that it went well and that she really likes Jae. D.K. starts gloating on his success at setting the two up. Molly then explains that despite having a “great time” Jae has not texted her once.

“Not even the three dots that means he’s sending something and then decides not to send it!”

D.K. offers to investigate and Molly is hesitant at first until she suggests that if her grandpa happens to go into Jae’s grandfather’s barber shop to gather some intel…But he has to be discrete.

Since he has just gotten a haircut, D.K. decides to take Dave to get a trim and to gather information about Jae.

Ken rushes home to talk to Allison about his new flirty intern.

“She thinks I’m funny and she touched my arm.”

Allison soothes a ruffled Ken and tells him not to worry. She tells him that the new staff member has “Intern Goggles.” Ken is amazed that Allison seems to be “cool” with the whole thing. She reminds him that he is the “jealous one.”

Eric stops by Welltopia to talk to Clark when Damona is at lunch. He has learned that C&C Music Factory, the producers who treated Damona so badly earlier will be at the casino.

Clark and Pat both tell Eric that it is a really bad idea to push Damona into something she does not want to do. Eric finally talks her two co-workers into getting into the casino.

Allison actually catches Erin in action. The intern spits out her latte when Ken tells her a joke that no one laughs at. She tells a concerned Damona that Erin’s behavior is not bothering her at all as the new intern is  all over Ken.

D.K. and Dave return from the barbershop with bad news. It looks like Jae may not be interested because of his parents. Dave is annoyed that he was tricked into getting a haircut under false pretenses.

Damona, Eric, Clark and Pat all go to the casino and she is not pleased that they set her up. Damona storms off and Clark tells Eric to give her some space.

Ken gets too used to Erin’s attention and Allison gets concerned, and jealous, that she goes all out to seduce Ken at home.  Allison gets rid of the kids and sends D.K. grocery shopping. Unfortunately her plans go slightly awry when D.K. keeps coming back to ask questions.

Finally the two talk and Ken tells Allison that she has nothing to worry about. He realizes all too well that she is the only person who “gets” him.

Back at the Casino Damona confronts the music publisher and the singer who “synced” her voice on the video. They get into a singing duel and Damona wins by scoring the most applause from the casino customers. She then thanks Eric for giving her closure.

Molly finds out that Jae really does like her and  wants her for his girlfriend. D.K. tells the young man to make sure he texts Molly properly, “and not just dots either.”

Ken’s new intern comes in to tell him goodbye as she has to leave. He thinks it is because she has a thing for him and Erin explains she is just rotating out as part of her shift. She then starts to say something and leaves.

Memorable Moments:

Damona’s Lady Marmalade duel.

Ken’s “Everybody dance now!”

Molly and D.K. at the end of the episode.

Molly and Jae’s first kiss and then their second.

D.K. interrupting the second kiss.

D.K.’s matchmaking.

Ken and Erin.

Allison and Ken on the sofa with D.K’s shopping trip questions.

Dave’s annoyance at being duped into helping Molly with Jae.

Pat’s losing his virginity to Damona’s voice…in his 30’s.

Ken running from Erin.

Allison’s inadvertent compliment to Ken during their “talk.”

Final Thoughts:

Jacobs and Ken were brilliant together. Their chemistry, obviously left over from working together on Community was spot on. The little “co-worker” crush “misunderstanding was hysterically funny.

Kudos to Gillian Jacobs for knocking it out of the park with her flirtatious actions and slightly ambiguous exit at the end.

Dana Lee and Krista Marie Yu are still magical together as the new double act on the show.  Suzy Nakamura effortlessly goes from grown up to worried wife and proves yet again that she and Ken Jeong are the perfect couple on telly.

Tisha Campbell-Martin still manages to provoke chills with that voice. That lady  has got pipes for days. 

Jonathan Slavin and Albert Tsai both continue to make their comedic work appear effortless and Dave Foley shines as usual.

Ken Jeong and his talented ensemble continue to be the best thing about Friday nights. Dr. Ken is great fun and something that all the family can enjoy.  Do not miss this show.


Guest starring Gillian Jacobs as Erin.

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