‘Crazyhead’ Episode 4: Penguin or Cow? – Burger King (Recap/Review)

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Crazyhead Episode 4 “Penguin or Cow?” Suzanne is being held prisoner by Callum Weaver and he plans to use her to lure Amy away from Raquel. We learn more about why the half-demon girl is so important; she is a portal.

The two girls spend the night at Raquel and Tyler’s apartment since Amy does not want to stay in her flat with Suzanne missing. Raquel has two sets of pajamas; both are onesies and she offers Amy the choice of “penguin or cow” onesie.

Amy takes the penguin and goes to make them both a cup of tea. Earlier Jake professes his love for Amy who explains that the timing is a bit off at the moment. Later she and Tyler have sex. She has a prophetic dream about Suzanne and a bloke attacking Raquel.

She also wets the bed. Sneaking out she starts dressing when Raquel asks what she is doing. Amy explains that it now appears that she can tell the future and that she wet the bed.

Tyler comes out of his room with the soiled bedding and Amy lies saying that the sex was so good that it caused her to wet the bed.

Amy and Raquel get Jake to take them to single mum/demon Mercy’s house so they can question her. The girls send Jake back to the car and go into Mercy’s house. She is there with her son and she is baking muffins.

Raquel comes up with Mercy who is putting her son to be and Amy stays to take out the burnt muffins. Mercy knocks Raquel down the stairs and Amy goes up to get the demon.

Mercy wins out over Amy but not until after she stabs the demon with a model jet plane. She also tries to strangle Mercy with a toy snake. The demon escapes and heads over to Weaver’s house.

She learns of his plans to remove Amy from the equation and that they need Raquel to open the gates of Hell. He also explains that he never reveals his demon face as a sign of self control. Instead, Callum says, he beats someone to death and releases all his frustration that way.

Callum brings Suzanne a meal, an innocent bystander picked up at Burger King by his henchmen. “That’s why you shouldn’t go to Burger King,” says Callum. Amy’s roommate holds off as long as she can but caves in and calls Amy giving her the address where she is being held.

The head demon then takes out her “takeaway” meal and snaps the lad’s neck. He wants Suzanne good and hungry for when Amy shows up.

Raquel, Jake and Amy go to rescue Suzanne. They split up and Amy goes to rescue Suzanne. They go into the lift (elevator) and Callum’s demons shut the electric off, trapping the ravenous Suzanne and Amy on the fourth floor.

Jake and Raquel try to open the lift doors and Amy cuts herself so that Suzanne can feed.  The demons turn the electric back on and the lift goes back to the top floor.

Suzanne leaps from the opened door. Grabbing the waiting demon she takes them both out of the 12th floor window. They both die and part of Amy’s dream has come true. The second part, where Harry attacks Raquel has yet to happen.

Harry has tracked Raquel down to her flat and calls her for a date. Raquel agrees and Amy sees Harry from the window. She rushes downstairs to warn Raquel but she is too late.

So far Crazyhead continues to be that perfect blend of “Misfits” irreverence and comic horror. Tony Curran is still the master at downplaying his role as the demon leader. (Such as change from his character on Defiance. Cara Theobald and Susan Wokoma are the perfect double act and Lu Corfield is just brilliant as Mercy.

The comedy still verges on the rude and crude, the whole “portal to Hell is Raquel’s vagina” was hysterical. (As was the “would you rather it be her arsehole?”)

The dynamic between all the characters is spot on and the “love triangle” between Tyler, Jake and Amy is amusing.  It looks like Jake may be left out in the cold after Amy’s inadvertent affair with Raquel’s brother Tyler.

It looks like Raquel may be in danger with Harry and Amy will have to pull out all the stops to help her new friend.

Crazyhead is streaming on Netflix and can also be downloaded to watch offline. All six episodes are available right now.


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