The Mick: The Grandparents – Alba and Grandma Hitler (Recap/Review)


The Mick this week takes its comedy to another level entirely. “The Grandparents” sees Mickey take Alba from her Connecticut home, the introduction of a grandmother who could put Adolf Hitler to shame and a loan shark.

The children rebel when Mickey choses to tell them that their parents are not coming back during a meal at Benihana’s.  Sabrina tunes Mickey out, and Chip causes a scene. Everything comes to a halt when Ben licks the grill for a thousand dollars; a suggestion from Chip.

Afterward,  the youngest kid has to wear a contraption that keeps his mouth open and drool drips down his chin.  Chip and Sabrina take the revolt further and Mickey decides to leave them in the care of their strict grandparents.

When Alba learns the the Colonel is coming to stay, she abandons ship with Mickey who takes the electric car as payment for services rendered.  Chip is overjoyed that his childhood hero will becoming to take care of them.

His enthusiasm is crushed when he learns that the Colonel has had a stroke and it is Grandma Pemberton who will be cracking the whip. Sabrina learns immediately that Evelyn does not play around, she slaps the eldest child repeatedly when she tries to ignore the first command that grandma gives.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Alba head to Mickey’s apartment where they find Jimmy has moved in. He is under the impression that Mickey died when he ran her down in the premiere episode. She kicks him out of her apartment but before he goes Jimmy tells her about an Indian loan shark.

Alba gets slipped a mickey by Mickey and the two go out clubbing. The two women go wild and wake up the next morning in the electric car outside of Mickey’s apartment.

They are massively hungover but Mickey notices that a window is open at her apartment. She calls Jimmy and talks him into coming over for sex. He rushes into her home only to be thrown back out through another window.

The loan shark spies Mickey in the electric car and she tries to make her escape but the car runs out of juice.  Mickey explains that she does not have the $4,200 that she owes and the loan shark hits her in the hand with a hammer.

She goes to ask Chip for the money and leaves Alba with the loan shark as collateral.  Back at the mansion the kids are more than ready to have Mickey back in charge. She attempts to remove Grandma Pemberton but fails. It is only when Evelyn slips on Ben’s drool that the grandparents are removed from the house.

As the ambulance takes Evelyn away, the kids ask about Alba who is still being held by the loan shark back at Mickey’s flat.

The Mick has managed to maintain the high comedy level established in the pilot episode.  Show creators Dave and John Chernin continue with the “inappropriate” humor in this second episode of the series. 

Sabrina tries to drug her grandmother, a’la her Aunt Mickey. Chip goes on a rampage in the restaurant and Mickey, in keeping with her propensity of drugging those around her, manages to get Alba as high as a kite. To be fair though, Mickey does join her new BFF by getting stoned as well.

Kudos to Carla Jimenez for pulling being stoned out of her gourd with total conviction.  Kaitlin Olson also does being high very well and Thomas Barbusca once again manages to make Chip hilariously obnoxious.

Mad props to Sofia Black-D’Elia for walking that fine line between rebellion and shock. This young lady has killed it in both episodes so far. Scott MacArthur also brings brilliant life to his sycophantic boyfriend act.

In terms of guest stars, Concetta Tomei was beyond excellent as the horrible grandmother.

The Mick proves that FOX can and does feature comedy that is funny and practically irresistible.  Hopefully the network can keep this one on for more than one season. (Can you say Grinder?) Perhaps this funny and irreverent series can make to another season.

The show airs Tuesdays on FOX. Stop by and check it out.


Guest starring Concetta Tomei as Grandmother Pemberton (Evelyn), E.J. Callahan as Colonel Pemberton and Kirk Fox as the loan shark.

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