Crazyhead: Shave the Cat – Keep Smiling (Recap/Review)

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 Crazyhead episode 3 “Shave the Cat” sees things carry on with Suzanne back from the dead. She has a snuggle with Amy and a new character is introduced while the demon hunters, plus Jake, take their newly returned from the dead mate camping.

Amy rings Raquel to tell her that Suzanne has returned.  Getting the message late, means Amy spends the night with Suzanne breathing on her neck. Raquel reveals that Suzanne is now a blood sucking monster who will kill Amy if she gets the chance.

Meanwhile Suzanne gets a call from her boyfriend. She heads over and before Amy and Raquel can get there, kills the poor chap and is busily drinking his blood when the duo arrive.

The two enlist Jake’s help, he has a car (and a canoe), to take them all to a cabin in the woods. Along the way, the girls stop off and buy some guinea pigs for Suzanne to eat/drink their blood.

Jake chats with Suzanne while the girls are getting the snacks and he asks what dying was like. She tells him is was very hot, dark and that she liked it. The cabin belonged to Sawyer who warned Raquel that other demons would be after her.

The leader, she tells Amy, is a real “bell end,” apparently. As the girls split up, Raquel to find a mobile phone signal and Amy to watch after Suzanne, The “bell end” aka Dr. Weaver, turns up at Tyler’s flat looking for his sister Raquel.

Weaver learns that Raquel and Amy are in Lymebridge. He sends his demon helper up to get them and tells him if he fails, that he will feed his genitals to the badgers.

On top of a hill, Raquel finds a signal and bumps into Harry. She takes out her collapsible baton and demands to know who he is and why he is there. He explains that it is the only place where you can get a phone signal.

After some uneasy conversation, they agree to share the hill. At night, the group get settled by the fire and Jake tells a scary story that he has to explain.  Suzanne reveals that on a school trip Amy slept with the geography teacher.

Harry and Raquel start to bond and they meet on the hill. Later, Raquel goes missing and Suzanne talks Jake into letter her lose so she can go to the toilet. Suzanne arrives at Harry’s tent and comes close to attacking him

Raquel gets there in time to save her new friend. She then catches up with Suzanne and tries to zap her with her taser. The batteries have gone flat and Suzanne starts to drink Raquel’s blood. The demons that Callum sent to Lymebridge arrive and knock Suzanne out.

Amy finds Raquel unconscious and Suzanne missing. The two girls talk about the demon saving them and begin to think they may not be all bad after all.

Weaver has Suzanne in his flat. She is tied up and the head demon has a bloke tied to a chair across from her. The chap is, Callum says, Suzanne’s breakfast.  He wants Amy’s former flatmate to help him get rid of Amy.

This episode had less in the way of comedy and concentrated on moving the story forward. There is still a good bit about the episode that was amusing though.

Jake’s story, which would, admittedly, be pretty scary if the circumstances were different was funny. The meeting between Harry and Raquel was  amusing as well.

Curran, despite having limited screen time, is killing it as the big bad and the two women continue to have brilliant chemistry onscreen.

Crazyhead is streaming on Netflix and can be downloaded to watch as well. This is a cracking little series from E4 and well worth watching, either one episode at a time or all at once. Check it out.




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