‘Crazyhead’ Episode 2: A Pine Fresh Scent – I Remember Daddy (Review)

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As Crazyhead, episode two “A Pine Fresh Scent” continues the “Buffy-like” atmosphere a lot more is revealed about this demon filled verse. The demon who “hangs around” is not Raquel’s former lover, he’s her dad.

In an expository scene we learn that a demon infested her father  just before having intercourse with her mum. The end result is that she is now “half-demon” which explains her ability to see them and to royally kick their butts…sometimes.

The “Misfits” touch is still present as Raquel and Amy talk a lot about sex, jizz and, at one point, Raquel’s brother Tyler believes he is going to have wild and wanton sex with Amy.

Callum puts out the word that he wants Raquel’s father taken care of and Mercy rises to the task with a few of her minions. Amy drags Jake into the fracas and we learn how to dispatch demons. (A shard of ice driven through the chest on the surface of an ice rink.)

After killing Suzanne in the previous episode, Amy and Raquel go to buy a couple of spades to bury Amy’s former roomie. As they shop at what appears to be a giant Costco, Raquel grabs two tins of Tango and a couple of large spoons.

As they head to the till, they ask if the store sells spades. After freaking them out by alluding to the two women burying a body, the clerk then orders two spades to be brought to the checkout. He does this a number of times.

The two women then bury Suzanne in the woods.

There is still a lot of comic moments in this episode where the show’s creator leaves the Misfits template alone and pays a homage to Shaun of the Dead. (The scene in the nearly deserted store with the vapid music playing over the store’s PA system is reminiscent of the first Cornetto film and Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and the 2008 remake.)

Much of the humor comes from the fact that these two demon hunters are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed.  Amy, whose day job is working in a bowling alley, appears to be slightly smarter than Raquel but that may be because the half-demon girl has trouble communicating.

Callum is adamant that the trouble making demon daddy be killed and the violence displayed is, once more, less Bruce Lee and more brute force. There is a brilliant bit of fighting “backstage” at the ice rink where Amy takes a demon out with a giant penguin figure.

Another one is used to knock out Raquel, only this time it is a demon doing the damage. The unconscious demon hunter is taken out on the ice to watch her father get stabbed with a “dick – sized” bit of ice.

Raquel shows some of her demon side by telekinetically smacking down the demons threatening her dad, but too late to save him from being sent back to Hell.

Of course the big shock of the episode is when the “dead” Suzanne comes back from the freshly dug grave. Amy dreams of her bestie turning back up and while brushing her teeth, Suzanne appears behind her.

“You killed me you silly b*tch.”

Cue end credits.  It now appears that Raquel’s formula for driving out the demon inside Suzanne worked after a very dodgy fashion. What remains to be seen is whether Raquel’s father can come back and just how far Callum is willing to go.

Crazyhead is available to stream or download on Netflix. All six episodes are up on the site for binging.


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