Shut Eye: The Fool – It Could Have Been Worse (Review)

KaDee Strickland, Jeffrey Donovan in Shut Eye

Shut Eye continues the mystery of just what is going on with the false soothsayer Charlie Haverford. Of course the gadje fortune teller cannot control what he sees or hears, but at least now Charlie is really getting visions of the immediate future.

In “The Fool” the former wannabe magician relates to Linda just what Eduardo did to the lying donut maker and he goes to see Dr. White about his mental state. The doctor recommends a controlled dose of Psilocybin, aka magic mushrooms.

Initially Haverford turns Nora down and leaves after saying he will be looking for another opinion. Meanwhile, Linda is continuing her affair with Gina and we learn how she and Charlie met.

Linda also reveals that she used to pole dancer.

Fonzo and his two daughters attend a Romanian cultural symposium and at the buffet afterward he speaks with White Tony. Later, when Fonzo is in the men’s room, another man insults his daughters. Fonzo’s reprisal is immediate, bloody and final.

Charlie is being plagued with crackling sounds. At first he believes the noise to be mice in the walls. Later, he rips up part of the flooring looking for the origin of the sound.

Eduardo’s man comes by to fix the bullet damaged house and Charlie asks if he can do the flooring as well.  He goes back to Dr. White and eats all the mushrooms she sets out.

Listening to Mozart, Haverford trips out and sets off the hospital fire alarm. He then goes out into the grounds and as part of his trip, speaks with a gardiner while putting out mulch.

The scam on Nadine continues.  After the tree and the rooster invade her home, Charlie and Linda visit the scene. He talks her into paying twice the amount asked for by the Bujo group. Charlie also learns a lot more about their mark.

Nadine has no children but visits an open day at their son’s school and buys a toy. She also leaves the toy at a kids sports field.

One odd occurance has Charlie having a coffee in a waffle house. He speaks with Carrie, a waitress, and he leaves after getting a refill and leaving a substantial tip. He returns and relays to the friendly woman that her father tells her she will always be alone.

It is a strange interlude between the waitress and the fortune teller. She is, understandibly, upset. “I’m only 34,” she tearfully protests and turns away. Charlie takes another drink of coffee and shows no emotion at all.

Shut Eye is quite interesting as it shows us the underbelly of the “gypsy” fortune telling world. We are privy to the mechanations of the scams perpetrated by the nefarious world of the Romany con artists who bilk the gullible out of their money.

Show creator Leslie Bohem has given the viewer an odd assortment of players. Even Charlie and Linda’s son has bought into the bujo myth. The girl he offered adderall to in the previous episode shows some interest in the prescription drugs this week. 

The kid is smitten and goes to see Fonzo for a spell to make her like him. While this is touching, to a degree, it is easy to see that the leader will use this against Charlie and Linda later on.

It is unclear just how far Eduardo will indoctrinate Charlie into his world after the donut murder.  Gina still has more permanent designs on Linda and Fonzo has emerged as one dangerous, psychotic, individual.

Jeffrey Donovan is slightly un-nerving as Charlie Haverford. Still sporting the scar and facial discoloration from his run-in from the disgruntled husband of a client, the psychic stares with the glass eyes of a bemused, yet disinterested, doll while he adjusts to his new reality.

KaDee Strickland rocks as the sexual ambiguous and hard as nails partner in both her relationships. Angus Sampson is truly unlikable as the violence prone Romany leader.

Shut Eye is streaming in its entirety on Hulu. Tune in and check this one out. It is clever, interesting and not a little disturbing.


Guest starring Lorne Cardinal as the gardiner, Erica Piccininni as Carrie,  Zak Santiago as White Tony and Luke Camilleri as Terry.

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