Scream Queens: Drain the Swamp – Teeth and Billy Ocean (Review)


The season finale of Scream Queens “Drain the Swamp” tied things up nicely. We got back Denise Hemphill, lost Dr. Cassidy, Dean Munsch got a new lease on life and Chanel #5 finally admitted to having teeth in her vagina.

On top of all that, we got Chanel Oberlin doing the finale recap to the music of Billy Ocean’s “When the Going Gets Tough” (the Tough Get Going). A song not used nearly enough after it’s debut as soundtrack fodder in the 1984 film “Romancing the Stone.”

Everything being wrapped up includes the demise of Nurse Hoffel, the last Green Meanie, in a pool of conveniently placed quicksand and not the swamp…

Hoffel kills Cassidy, who finally admits to Chanel #3 that he was always alive, with his love for her.  Cathy Munsch is “cured” by Chanel #5 who really is an “idiot savant” of medicine. The only Chanel to pass her MCAT unaided proves that Munsch is just severely dehydrated.

Hester clears out Cathy’s bank accounts and she, along with Brock Holt, buy Blood Island and begin a new life murdering innocent tourists. Chanel Oberlin becomes the new TV doctor that everyone loves.

Munsch becomes a sensation as the new “over 50” sex therapist and ZayDay Williams, along with #5, turn the hospital around and make it the next big thing in the world of incurable diseases.

Hoffel, before expiring in that quicksand, also kills Cassidy’s mum. Denise manages to save everyone from the evil nurse’s fertilizer bomb. She learned how to defuse a bomb not from Quantico the training center but from watching Alex Parrish on the television series.

The lunacy of Scream Queens continued right to the very end of the second season. Although the show’s creators managed to put a nice touch in the last few moments of the finale.

Oberlin finishes taping her show and gets into  her limo behind the soundstage. She spies a KKT monogramed object in the car moments before seeing a Red Devil in the seat behind her. Clearly, Wes’ daughter has escaped from the looney bin to avenge her father’s death.

If the series gets another greenlight, which will give us a third season, it appears that Chanel Oberlin may have gotten the chop from Grace. However, ZayDay Williams, Denise Hemphill, #5, with her toothy vagina, #3 with those earmuffs and Hester with Doctor Holt, who may or may not be a vampire (best line of the season…) could return.

Actually so could Nurse Hoffel there may have been a final air bubble from that quicksand, but we never see her die. Munsch is also available to be in another season along with Grace, if that is her in the red devil outfit.

Scream Queens finished what was, overall, a pretty satisfactory second season. There were moments where some of the humor fell a tad short from the sheer madness of season one but there were other moments where the comedy surpassed the previous show.

Sort of a six of one, half a dozen of another result.

Murphy and company managed to deliver a second time and it would be interesting to see if the show’s creators have crafted a third season where Grace returns for a little payback…


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