Luke Cage: You’re Mine Now – What You Talkin ‘Bout Willis (Recap/Review)

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Luke Cage “You’re Mine Now” moves slowly toward the season one conclusion.  Despite the small amount of frustration at the snail’s pace of the recent episodes, the Marvel series is still addictive viewing.

We learn more of Diamondback’s backstory. As a villain he cannot resist telling at least one person, in this case Damon Boone, about his childhood grudge against his brother from another mother, Carl Lucas.

Of course this means that Boone is doomed from the moment that Stryker makes him his “father confessor.”

In the meantime Cage manages to get the severely injured Misty Knight out of harm’s way. He takes the detective through a “Lucky Luciano” hidden staircase that few know about. Later, Claire learns of the secret hideaway under the staff lockers from Candace, the VIP hostess paid to name Luke as Cornell’s murderer.

Claire helps patch Knight up and Candace is grabbed by Willis to use as leverage later on. Outside the building Priscilla Ridley seems to be leaning toward the belief that Cage is innocent. Later, however, when Misty tries to spell out who really killed the two cops, Ridley appears reluctant to accept the news.

Shades is taken out by Temple and Knight in one of the best tag matches on the series thus far.  Willis manages to get out with the help of Zip and it is clear that Diamondback’s right-hand man; Shades, may be on the way out.

Although, Alvarez is the only one of the two who is thinking clearly. Despite Mariah Dillard’s campaign against Cage, the public, i.e. the denizens of Harlem, do not believe the hype or the lies passed on by the former councilwoman.

It is Shades who says to Stryker, “What you talkin ’bout Willis.” The big boss does not appreciate the question or the attempt at humor. Clearly the second in command has a better grasp on just how vulnerable Stryker’s plan actually is.

Luke Cage is arrested at the end of the episode, surrounded by SWAT team members armed with Judas 2.0 rounds. Misty tips him off before he is loaded into the back of a police van. Her couched advice it to make a move before the van arrives at the precinct.

Blake Temple, on loan from Daredevil, stops by to help orchestrate the assault on Harlem’s Paradise. He reveals that Dillard is in a closed-door meeting with the mayor and they talk about those Judas cartridges that were handed out to the cops.

Diamondback manages to escape yet again, but he used up his last Judas round in the nightclub.  Luke might be the focus of attention so far but it is beginning to look like the younger brother will win after all.

There are two episodes left of Luke Cage on Netflix. As usual, all the episodes are on offer on the streaming platform.


Guest starring Clark Jackson as Damon Boone, Deborah Ayorinde as Candace and Stephen Rider as Blake Tower.

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