Chance: Camera Obscura – Backstory (Review)

Hugh Laurie as Eldon Chance“Camera Obscura” brings things to a head between the two men in Jackie’s (Jaclyn’s) life.  D is now back up to full strength and he coaches Eldon in close quarters combat with a three inch blade.

Raymond has Nicky and arranges a trade with Eldon for the books Jackie gave Chance. The previous episodes revealed a lot about the woman that Eldon has become infatuated with.

Jaclyn has played the victim card while manipulating the men she comes in contact with. Eldon discovered that “Jackie” is a willing prostitute in Blackstone’s brothel. She also worked as his accountant while keeping two copies of the books.

As she continues to play both men against each other, Raymond and Eldon, D continues to support Chance, despite being called out for never having been in the military.  Eldon comes close to blowing it however when he called D “Darius.”

The big man walks off but returns and promises Eldon that he will punch him in the face if there is a repeat of the offense.  Rather interestingly, the vets that D interacts with are not upset by his claims of military service.

Chance has, thus far, been a show of many colors. Not one character is what they appear to be. Eldon Chance has a checkered background. Jaclyn is revealed to be a manipulative man-eater who uses new men to take out lovers she wearies of. D is not a veteran, but a man who was sexually abused as a child.

Regardless of the facts and the secret lives of each player, one thing is certain. D is the most dangerous. He is ready, willing and able to hurt those who get in his way. D has also managed to turn Chance into a more violent version of himself.

Without the big man’s help, Blackstone would have easily destroyed Eldon. This latest episode proves just how far Eldon has come and with the flashbacks revealing more about Jackie and Raymond’s backstory how much the crooked cop has changed.

The implication is that Blackstone was pretty much toeing the line until he met Jackie. Raymond has become more of a predator because of Jackie and not in spite of her.

It is noteworthy that Jackie returns voluntarily to Raymond. This move insures the release of Eldon’s daughter. The act itself is suspect. Jaclyn clearly hopes to gain something with this selfless act.

Chance almost backs out of the gameplan that D works out.  Once Nicky is returned, Eldon wants to hand over the books without killing Raymond, despite knowing that the other man will never let him alone.

Chance tries to back out. He panics when he sees the detective with his gun and Raymond moves to close the distance between them. The episode ends with Eldon starting to make his move with a look of scared determination on his face.

Whether he can survive this encounter with Blackstone remains to be seen.

The series airs Wednesdays on Hulu.


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