Agents of SHIELD: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics (Review)


The thing that has always kept Agents of SHIELD head and shoulders above the other Marvel shows on offer has been its humor. Coulson can always be relied upon to toss out a comic zinger here and there in an episode. “The Law of Inferno Dynamics” gives the head of SHIELD the first amusing moment seconds into  the episode.

Phil tells Mace that Aida is an android, the man’s response is amusing:

“Okay. I mean, forget about the fact that I was mildly attracted to her…”

Granted, this funny point is swiftly moved aside for the more pertinent fact of the Sokovia Accords and “doesn’t anyone remember Ultron?” It all serves to remind us that Jeffery is still in charge of the team despite Phil’s direct approach.

There is the disturbing element of dismantling the android after the current mission and this too is all very much Mace’s Modus Operandi. He is, as May rightly points out, all about what is best for Jeffery.  Mace is still in cahoots with Senator Nadeer and Coulson still wants to know why.

The humor in this episode of Agents of SHIELD continues with Robbie declaring that he thought balaclavas were a form of desert. Of course the introduction of all this humor is to counteract and highlight this seasons “Big Bad” – Eli Morrow.

A villain who agrees that his henchmen need to be paid and then produces unrefined diamonds in the lungs of the one thug foolish enough to bring up the pay issue.

Eli has protected himself with beryllium, which is also used to fuel his powers. (Surprise surprise, it is not just a creation of the superb comedy film Galaxy Quest, the stuff really is an element.)  A lid is made of the element and if it drops down, a “supercritical mass” will develop…this equals a really bad explosion of cosmic proportions.

Robbie’s uncle proves just how little family matters when he traps the Ghost Rider next to his failsafe and Coulson asks his team for any ideas for a “plan B.”

The new director of SHIELD arrives with just that, another plan to take down Morrow.  Aida, who has received a stay of execution for the time being is there along with May and Radcliffe.  Mace tells Phil that it is time for the public to see him in action.

Coulson’s team, plus Aida, Mace and Reyes go on the offensive. Robbie ends up taking Tio Eli out with  him, although later Phil reminds Daisy that Reyes may well come back.

Yo-Yo steals the entire episode with her speedy arrival. Shown in slow motion, the best bit was taking the gun from Eli’s thug’s hand and putting the weapon into Coulson’s. When time goes back to normal Phil shoots two henchmen with the gun.

After Reyes drags his uncle down into the vortex, Daisy is given an official welcome back into SHIELD by Director Mace and the wounded Aida is taken back to Radcliffe’s lab to be repaired.

Mace sends Agent Nathansan to collect all of the doctor’s research and Aida snaps the man’s neck like a small brittle twig.  May, the last thing Nathansan saw before being killed by the android, is unconscious in a cube.

Meanwhile Coulson shares a drink with “android” Melinda May while the real one is “mopped up” by Aida.

The episode ends with the team back together, Radcliffe and Aida getting a reprieve and the shocking sight of the real Agent May back in the lab.  It seems that Mace was right to bring up the Ultron reference. Aida is definitely going against the rules. Things are about to get even more interesting at SHIELD.

The Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC.


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