Son of Zorn: Return of the Drinking Buddy – Party Down (Review)


Son of Zorn manages to outdo itself with “Return of the Drinking Buddy,” aka Headbutt Man; a blast from Zorn’s past who could headbutt anything into submission. The episode makes the most of old pals who have changed greatly since their halcyon days.

It also addresses those friends foisted upon the children of old friends, via Headbutt Girl and Alangulon when they head to a party where Zorn’s son hopes to meet up with Layla.

The magic of this series is the effortless way it blends the animated world of Zorn and Zephyria with the Southern California setting of Edie, Craig and Alan.  Headbutt Man and his new partner Elizabeth (his “Edie”) come for a visit and, for Zorn, this is a chance to relive their glory days.

“Return of the Drinking Buddy” also allows us to learn a bit more about Linda, aka “Slayer Linda” at the bar, who thinks having Zorn’s old pal along for the office party is a splendid idea.

Headbutt Man does decide to join Zorn after initially being rather excited about the “world” crackers and cheese on offer at Edie and Craig’s house. Edie spends most of the episode thinking that Elizabeth looks familiar.

After a series of bad guesses, “Did you used to have a spider in the middle of your face,” asks Edie; Headbutt’s other half reveals that she went to summer camp with Zorn’s ex.

Both women dated the same lad and Craig calls the man to find out who he thought was his “main” girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Headbutt Girl, aka Dorothy Clementina, goes with Alan to the party. She expects to have sex and instead gets insulted by the other party guests.

Johnny Pemberton and Headbutt Girl, voiced by Ashley Padilla.

Alan stands up for his “family friend.”

Zorn learns that Headbutt Man has been off the drink and no longer headbutts things into oblivion. He reveals that he met Elizabeth at a coffee house restroom, where she found him unconscious and covered in his own vomit.

“She cleaned me up,” says Zorn’s old pal but later the allure of the booze and the bar sets Headbutt Man up for a fall.

This was a funny episode that featured just a tad of tragedy with Headbutt Man’s somewhat sad backstory after Zorn left the scene.  It allowed Alan to show his kinder and less geeky side and Edie’s Zephyria days  surface once more with the reference to her punk hair-do and facial piercings.

As this is Son of Zorn, there had to be a double helping of ironic humor at the end.  Headbutt Man tells his old drinking buddy that doctors warned him to mend his headbutting ways.  Just one more injury to his brain will result in death, Headbutt Man tells Zorn.

Sure enough, as his pal goes to leave, Zorn tosses the car keys to Headbutt Man and his buddy misses the catch. The small objects connect with his friend’s head and the punch line is delivered.


Rob Riggle manages to turn in a brilliant performance as the old reformed party animal.  Ashley Padilla is equally impressive as Headbutt Girl.  This could well be the highlight of the season. The disturbing flashback to Headbutt Man losing an eye to the unicorn he headbutts is gruesomely funny as is the car key induced death of Zorn’s old pal.

Son of Zorn airs Fridays on FOX. Stop by and check this one out, it is worth the effort.


Guest starring Rob Riggle as Headbutt Man, Jillian Bell as Headbutt Girl, Artemis Pebdani as Layla and Alex Borstein as Elizabeth.

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