Dr Ken: D K’s New Girlfriend – Bonding (Review)


Dr. Ken this week sees the Park family and friends bonding in a different way.  “D.K.’s New Girlfriend” sees  Pat bonding with Dave, Allison bonding with Molly and Ken re-bonding with his father.  It also sees Clark and Damona bonding with new colleague Allison.

Love in the Afternoon:

Ken gets into an argument with his father when he and Allison return home to find D.K. having a spot of romance with his girlfriend Linda. Awkwardness ensues when the couple find D.K.’s clothes and his girlfriend’s bra in the front room. The lovers emerge from the downstairs guest room, much to the embarrassment of all. (Except Linda.)

Everything between Ken and his father becomes stressful when it emerges that D.K. overhears Allison complaining about his still living in the house. As Ken tries to explain about boundaries, D.K. gets angry and moves out of the Park house and into Linda’s apartment.

Allison and Molly try to enjoy a little mother / daughter special time at a local spa. Clark and Damona “spa crash” the establishment, much to Allison’s initial annoyance.

Dave, Pat and Ken attend a local jazz club. The music is definitely not Ken’s cup of tea and Pat agrees to stay with Dave to heard the rest of the jazz band’s set.  Pat gets “lucky” when single parent Megan zeros in on what she believes to be another single parent.

Pat lies and says that Dave is his adoptive son and the youngest Park kid agrees to go along. There is one proviso, however.  No more “burns.” The two try to pull the wool over Megan’s eyes but Pat blows it when he tries to persuade Dave to eat shrimp.

Megan gets upset when Pat ignores the fact that Dave is deathly allergic to shrimp and their ruse falls apart. Meanwhile, Allison learns that Molly is growing up and that, despite the annoyances of working at Welltopia, the family are grateful that they can see more of their mother.

Ken apologizes to D.K. and asks him to return the house. Ken’s father reveals that he is at a loss.  D.K. tells his son that he never imagined himself having to live with his son in his mid 70’s.

By the end of the episode, D.K. is back in the Park house and Dave reveals that he would welcome Ken to live with him.

Standout Moments:

D.K.’s “Bus-ted.”

Ken’s “hippy tea.”

Allison’s mammoth moan session with Molly.

Ken’s “lead on the bra” line.

Dave and Pat’s entire luncheon at the Jazz club and Megan.

Clark and Damona full stop.

Clark’s callous call.

D.K.’s “late life crisis explanation.”

Dave with his jazz sounds, a’la Pat.

Final Thoughts:

Dr. Ken continues to up the stakes in terms of storyline and cast performances.  Dana Lee provided a well delivered mix of comedy and pathos. Ken Jeong proved yet again that his comedy comes from the heart and that the Jonathan Slavin / Tisha Campbell-Martin double act can work anywhere.

Albert Tsai killed it this week in his scenes with Dave Foley (who always knocks it out of the park) and the ensemble worked like a well oiled comedic machine.

The second season has allowed for more tragedy tinged comedy over all. D.K.’s lament was enough to raise thicken the throat and cause those tear ducts to overflow just a little.

By putting an emphasis on the extended family, present and future, the show makes its comedy feel that little bit richer and truthful.  There is, in most families, a juxtaposition of roles as the unit ages.

Parent’s suddenly begin acting more like children and vice versa. This has been a theme in the series this year. D.K.’s New Girlfriend just changed the usual players to Ken and his father instead of the younger Park family members and their parents.

Dr. Ken continues to get the mix just right in terms of comedy with a side of seriousness. The message, dutifully delivered each week, is that family matters, regardless of age, location or temperament.

The series airs Fridays on ABC. Tune in and check out this family fun show.


Guest starring Gillian Vikman as Megan and Cheryl Bricker as Linda.

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