Z Nation: Doc’s Angels – The One That Got Away (Review)

Z Nation - Season 3

The latter part of Z Nation has been concentrating on Doc. “Doc’s Angels” sees him being threatened by a menace much worse than Z’s. He stumbles into a nest of what seems to be devil worshiping women who list doc as “The One Who Got Away,” after he desperately outsmarts them.

This episode felt like “The Witches of Eastwick” meets The Devil’s Rejects meets Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” It was certainly an interesting journey for Doc and beat his “Cuckoo Nest” adventure in episode six.

Addy is still, presumably, chasing after The Man and an older Lucy, roughly around five years old now, and Doc is trying to contact Citizen Z to help out Warren.   The three women he encounters after following their radio transmission are all creepy and damned scary in turns.

Each one competes with the other and they all end up in Doc’s bed at one point.  After the impromptu orgy, Doc tries to escape in a feather lined robe and a pair of cowboy boots. The trio chase him down and even when Doc sends their trained Z’s to slow the women down, they continue their pursuit.

Doc does eventually outwit the women and he gets in touch with Simon, aka Citizen Z, aka “C Z.”  The women believe that Doc is trapped at the top of their ham radio transmission tower but he kicks a line loose and falls outside the fence of their compound.

“Doc’s Angels” is easily one of the strangest episodes in the third season.  With so much weirdness in every scene, this could become a highlight in this year’s offering.

The guest stars, made the most of their “sister act” and Hodgkinson was beyond brilliant. This episode showed just how much Doc has evolved since the series began. Although he does fall prey to his own weaknesses, smoking the “home-grown” weed and becoming stoned enough to “go with the flow.”

Warren and her shrinking team are still on the way to Murphytown and it looks like there will be a final confrontation very soon. Doc’s escape sees him without a weapon, still wearing those boots and that feathered robe. He does steal a bike from a trapped Z but it looks like he will be on his own for a while yet.

This episode, for all its innate oddness, was another change from the very grim appearance of this season’s Z Nation. Last week’s “They Grow Up So Quickly” also put Doc in peril, as well as Addy, but this marks his third time of being in a life or death situation this year.

The show’s makers seem to be hinting at his possible demise. Hopefully Doc survives, and the rest of the team as well. It would be too hard to have another Michael Welch type death this year.

Z Nation airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in and catch this marvelous alternative to TWD.


Guest starring Debra Wilson as Linda, Annette Toutonghi as Sarah and Nadine Velazquez as Camilla

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