‘Longmire’ Season 5 Finale: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Review)


The season five finale of Longmire feels like a show in meltdown, or at the  very least, on its way out. “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” manages to put Walt and Henry in jeopardy, from two different agencies. Ironically, Cady – who is being adopted by the tribe – is directly responsible for putting Henry in harm’s way.

It has already been officially announced that Longmire will end after the next season and while fans may be upset at the news there are an equal number who feel the show has lost its way. Whether that is the case, or just the way the storyline is unfolding this season is not clear.

The finale manages to cram quite a lot of things into one hour.  Henry returning the plastic indian and cowboy (a sign of his and Walt’s friendship) with a note saying “Remember the asymptote.” For those who are not math oriented, asymptote is a line (basically).

So his best friend is saying, in essence, that Walt crossed the line with his attack on him.  It also means that the two are going to go through a cool-down period.  The friends will not be very close for some time. If ever again after this.

This is something that Walt has been doing a lot of this season.  He has been distancing himself from everyone. Vic, Cady, Donna (while not as obvious he is still removing himself from that possible relationship) and now Henry.

But more disturbing is Walt’s increased obsession with Jacob NIghthorse.  In Walt’s mind Nighthorse is the root of all evil and it has blinded him to the more obvious suspect Malachi. Longmire’s insistence that Jacob killed his former security chief even convinces Henry, although he asks Nighthorse if he did circle back and kill Malachi.

Walt is not just distancing himself he is being circled by the hungry wolves who want to build up the area that he owns.  The mayor, who offers to get rid of the sheriff in an earlier episode, has now taken action to have Walt removed from office.

The wrongful death suit being pursued by Tucker Baggett is a ploy intended to break Walt and force him to give up the land.The mayor is also all about “progress” so clearly their is a conspiracy afoot to have Walt taken down.

Leaving the lawsuit and all it stands for, there is the Chance Gilbert storyline.  He asks Walt to help him be transferred to death row. Longmire refuses.  The sheriff knows that losing his freedom is the worst possible punishment for Gilbert.

Vic, however, decides that a move to death row is just what she needs. She goes to see Gilbert and tells him she supports his request.  Vic wants the man dead and out of her thoughts. Chance then tells her about the murder weapon he used to kill the man in the freezer.

She goes to retrieve it and is attacked seconds after finding it.  When she returns home, Travis insists she go to the hospital. Vic agrees to go the next day and the ultrasound shows the baby is fine.

The whole Travis and Vic storyline feels forced and just a little off-kilter.  That may well be down to the Vic and Walt thing, but Travis just seems like a total mismatch.

Cady is overjoyed when Mandy’s aunt wants to adopt her into the tribe. She has a vision while in “The Sweat” showing an empty sheriff’s office and Henry hanging from a tree. Henry also takes a call from his mobile phone while swinging in the wind.

(The shot of Cady walking barefoot through a bloody floor is impressive and eye-catching. Very cinematic in nature and almost beautiful in its simplicity.)

Walt’s daughter agrees to represent Darius which results in his being released and therefore able to help Malachi in the beating and kidnapping of Henry.  At the end of the show, Standing Bear is staked to the ground on the Crow reservation.

By the end of the episode Walt learns that Tucker Baggett was Barlow Connelly’s best buddy and as such plans on destroying  Walt and getting his land. Henry is in a life or death situation and Cady is in the sweat lodge.

Vic is, apparently, thinking of being with Travis and Longmire is all alone.

After last season’s cracking finish, which was, quite frankly, always going to be difficult to top, this season opts to leave Henry in deep trouble and Walt about to lose everything he cares for.

We care, obviously, about both men but Walt seems to be on a self destructive course this year. He has shut out Cady, become obsessive about  Jacob Nighthorse, attacked his best friend and he has even managed to distance himself from Donna.

Walt is a man flailing about this season. He even goes to have a drink with Vic, only to find she has left for the day. In this season it has been suggested that Walt quit, or retire…numerous times.

This could well be the theme of season six, the final season, since the court case will still be looming over Walt’s head when the last season starts.

(One last look at the sweat lodge vision. After Jacob’s moment in the montage with his golf club, there is an owl sitting on a bare branch. The creature is clearly hooting in the daylight. In Native American culture the owl is a sign of death and in other cultures hearing an owl hoot in the daytime is also a sign of impending death.)

The prospects are grim. Henry is out on the Crow reservation and unless he gets help will die. Vic may be pregnant through the upcoming season and Cady may be so enamored of becoming an honorary Cheyenne that she may be of no help to anyone.

There may be some hope for Walt from an unlikely source however. Jacob Nighthorse may just help Longmire out in the lawsuit. This will not be for any particularly noble reason but to show the lawman that he is not he boogeyman that Walt insists he is.

Regardless of how the new season starts out, it is going to be a long wait for Longmire fans. One thing is certain though, even with the jarring aspects of season five, Longmire is still quality television. The cowboy cop will definitely be missed when he is gone.


Guest Starring Peter Stormare as Chance Gilbert. 

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

15 thoughts on “‘Longmire’ Season 5 Finale: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Review)”

  1. The obsession n hate Walt has with Jacob nighthorse is very irritating and getting on my nerves and makes me not want to watch and give it a thumbs down


  2. Love this show! Just found it last fall on Netflix and saw the end of season 5 two days ago. It reminds me of the Heartland series which is another excellent show centering around family ranching, Native American spiritualism and the ever present threat of encroaching development. Heartland also focus’ on the Western way of life and the equine world. I believe they are now in their 9th or 10th season. They have quite a following. Perhaps if the Longmire writers had included a few more horse storylines they would have have been able to recruit ‘horse people’ as viewers. People in the equine world are always on the lookout for good quality shows that help educate and introduce non-horse people to horses. As evidenced by the longevity of the Heartland series, they are loyal followers. Just a thought.


  3. We are on vacation with access to Netflix. We have over dosed on the series from beginning to end each evening. By far the best series next to Foyle on tv. Now what do we do? We don’t have netflix at home! Ahhhh!
    Do we need to wait a year??


  4. I love this show but they took it in a bad direction I think. Every cop show has a female cop who is desperate and chasing boss man and every boss man is distant and obsessive. It gets old. I hope they fix it before the finale.


  5. An asymptote is a special kind of line. It is a line which a curve approaches as they both tend to infinity. Common usage is the case in which they never touch or cross…so it may mean just the opposite of what you think it does in terms of lines being crossed.


  6. Very disappointed to learn the sixth season will be the last. We love this show and want it to continue. The world can use more honesty and integrity, Longmires true heart. I can think of dozens of shows that “have lost their way” although dreadfully continue on and on. Why shouldn’t Longmire.


  7. In Cady’s vision she saw the day time owl hoot and the tea box where Walt kept her mother’s ashes. While I don’t know what they intended, the writers were obviously flashing back to the first show where in the first couple minutes they show the day time owl hoot and the tea box.

    Will the writers introduce more Native American “spiritualism” by having Cady act on her vision to save Standing Bear?

    Will Walt follow the legal advice of his lawyer and put his holdings in trust? With who? Cady? Someone else? Donate it to the Government?

    I agree with Steve, Vic becoming Sheriff would be fun and there is something in Ferg’s girlfriend’s past…


  8. I’m thinking Cady & Jacob, each a crusader of sorts, may get together. Walt somehow rides off into the sunset, at his ranch, with Vic becoming sheriff. (He cannot tolerate the Doc’s “shrinking” him, so now feels free to hook up with Vic.) Ferg and his nurse start to get together, but it is at least temporarily delayed by something from her past. Henry and Mathias clear one another, begin to work together for some justice for the tribe/Rez. Romance comes to Henry. Malachi rises but winds up dead.


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