Blindspot: Mid Season Finale – White Knuckle Ride (Review)

Blindspot - Season 2

Blindspot presented fans with a mid season finale that was a white knuckle ride from start to cliffhanger finish.  With nerd fan favorite Patterson in a clinch with the mole and the fading sound of a gunshot, we now have to wait till January 2017 to find out who caught the bullet.

The  naughty writers of the episode Brendan Gall and Martin Gero (who is the show’s creator as well) have left fans of Ashley Johnson hanging. 

It made sense that at least one of Weller’s team were either going to “buy it” or come dangerously close to dying as this is the midway point of the second season.  There was a close call with Reade and Nas, although Edgar was in far worse shape than the NSA agent.

Nas, who was our favorite suspect for Sandstorm mole, managed to survive the blast and even helps Kurt drag Reade to safety.  Since she went into the area with the team, clearly she was not the “leak.”

Dr. Borden, who, like Nas, seemed to be too obvious was indeed the mole.  While it seems a bit…shall we say…last minute for the not so good doctor to be the mole, the backstory provided explained quite a lot.


For as much time as Jane spent talking to Borden surely she would have recognized him fairly quickly?  They went through a rather traumatic time together and as the series has progressed the memory wipe has been wearing off.

The revelation of Borden as the rotten apple in the FBI barrel seems very suspect.  Nas listening to his tapes and her attention to Weller, in the fun and games department, may have been a red herring but it is surprising that the doctor was the bad guy.

(Or is it? It feels a bit like there is a trope thing going on here. One can almost hear the writers saying,”Hang on! Let’s make the British guy the villain. It makes perfect sense, he sounds foreign so he has  to be the mole!”)

What is disturbing about this twist is how Patterson will react to this double act of treachery. (Assuming that she did not receive the business end of a bullet in that struggle.) Clearly Borden zeroed in on Patterson because of her technical know-how and her connection to Jane.

Apart from threatening the life of a favorite character, the mid season finale fired on all cylinders. The only thing missing from this episode was a b***s to the wall car chase.

There was a very brief moment of gunplay, which ended badly for at least one of the combatants, some fighting and an explosion.  Reade almost died. All of Weller’s team, bar Patterson at the moment, managed to survive the Sandstorm trap.

Roman chose to support his sister, which was just as well since Shepard gave him a gun that did not work. By the way just how stupid is Shepard? One moment she is seconds away from killing Roman and Jane then after she is shot the leader pulls the “but I’m your mum” card.

Granted, it does work  at bit since the siblings left her there alive. Shepard is wounded but it seems pretty certain that when the Sandstorm leader recovers she will be the new “Mommy Dearest.” (Coat hangers my a** where’s my Glock…)

Having Kurt be called away still leaves the question of what Shepard has planned for the FBI agent.

Reade and Zapata have made up, he even apologizes for lying to her. There were a number of tear inducing moments in this episode.  Was there anyone who had dry eyes toward the end?  Jane injecting Roman with “Zip,” Patterson’s realization that Borden was the mole, Edgar telling Zapata that he loves her, all equalled a tissue grab or two.

 Blindspot threw in everything but the kitchen sink. Kurt getting the call from “fake Conor” and rushing first to the hospital and then the sight of the explosion was also tacked onto everything else going down.

There were some suspenseful moments as well. Jane picking the lock on the filing cabinet was pretty nail biting as was the short cat and mouse bit with Bordan and Patterson.

(Can we please have a first name, aka forename, aka Christian name for Patterson. It is the middle of the second season and the poor character cannot continue to have just a last name…)

So the big cliffhanger in this episode will be just who got the receiving end of the bullet and whether or not it was fatal. (In all likelihood it will be fatal, every clinch dealing with a weapon that gets discharged “mid-clinch” ends with somebody dying. It appears to be some sort of unwritten rule. Like the new recruit on any Army patrol getting blown out of his boots moments after mentioning: His pregnant wife, girlfriend, fiancee…)

Blindspot will be back in January, 2017.


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