‘Gotham’ Mad City: The Executioner – Dark Barnes (Recap/Review)


Symon managing to get out the name of his killer puts events in motion that will end with Barnes in a straightjacket. `Gotham: Mad City  was very dark with “The Executioner” showing just how far Alice’s blood affected the captain.

Poison Ivy gets in a bit of bother when she steals a huge piece of jewelry and knocks the owner out. Ivy stops in to see Selina who threatens to “cut” Pepper if she does not leave. The puzzled Ivy cannot believe that her old friend does not recognize her.

Ivy may have gotten older but she is clearly no wiser. Her responses to the older man she steals the jewelry from and her later interactions with Bruce prove her brain functions are still that of a child.

Gordon’s attempt to feel Barnes out results in the two of them going to see Sugar. A man that the captain says is implicated in the Symon’s death. Before their conversation and the fateful trip to the warehouse hideout of Sugar, Barnes hangs three criminals.

Jim and Barnes talk about legality and where cops should stand on the battlefield. The captain’s side of the argument upsets Gordon.

Selina finally recognizes the older Ivy Pepper. She confronts her pal for not saying anything. Bruce tries to help and Ivy brushes him off.  The conversation between Kyle and Pepper  is the comic highlight of the episode.

As Ivy and Selina start to argue, Bruce Wayne hears something. Masked men have entered Kyle’s lair. They are armed with crossbows and chase after the fleeing group.

Barnes and Gordon find Sugar and as they question him, Barnes blows him away with his shotgun. Gordon is shocked. Barnes makes Jim drop his  gun and tries to convince the younger man he sees as a son to join him.

At the docks, Bruce buys Ivy’s stolen necklace for five grand and a reluctant Ivy hands over the jewelry.  (This was another amusing moment that once again showed Ivy having to work with a child’s mentality.) Bruce tells Pepper that they need to return the item to take the heat off of her.

Meanwhile Ed  is massively depressed and he listens to Isabella’s favorite classical music while Oswald has his picture painted. After a little pep talk from his friend Ed visits the place where she died. He then learns that Isabella had her brake lines cut.  Ed now believes that Butch killed his replacement for Kris Kringle.

Barnes and Gordon discuss the captain’s condition and Jim realizes that it is Alice’s blood causing this change in Barnes.  Jim gets away from Barnes who is now trying to kill him.

The three youngsters go to return the necklace and find the owner dead on the floor with a crossbow bolt in his eye.  The necklace turns out to be hiding a key.  Ivy realizes that Bruce and Selina are an item but Kyle denies it. The trio head to Wayne’s mansion.

James calls Harvey and he goes to Lee for help. Barnes chases Gordon through the deserted warehouses trying to kill him.  Just as he starts to pull the trigger Harvey and the GCPD arrive to arrest the captain.

Barnes and Gordon fight and they both grab their weapons.  As they face each other Barnes starts to shoot but Jim wounds him and the rest of the force pour in to take custody of Barnes.

The men with crossbows search Kyle’s lair and find the news clipping about the Wayne murders.

Jim thanks Lee for faking the blood test results.

Oswald shows Ed how much he means to him; he had the painter put Nygma in the painting.  Ed tells his friend about the brake lines and explains that he is sure Butch killed Isabella.

Harvey and Jim look at the empty captain’s desk as Barnes, wearing  a straightjacket, bellows out “guilty” non stop.

This episode, despite the comic relief value of Ivy Pepper, was quite dark. Barnes’ reaction to Alice’s tainted blood brought out his inner Judge Dredd.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.


Guest starring Wade Mylius as Sugar. 

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