Lucifer: Trip to Stabby Town – Azrael’s Blade (Review)


The blade of Azrael has risen from the grave, so to speak, and humans are being murdered left, right and center in this episode of Lucifer. “Trip to Stabby Town” has Morningstar working closely with Ella to learn who took the knife from his brother’s grave.

Chloe gets a tad jealous of the amount of time that Lucifer spends with Ella and Dan is upset that someone is eating his pudding. “It is clearly marked,” he says.   Charlotte, aka Mum, is desperate for attention from  her husband and she causes a murder spree as a means to get it.

It does not work. As mentioned in the last episode, the “big guy” is not responding to any of the family.  Charlotte is adapting to human life but she is not happy to stay on Earth. She wants them all to go home, i.e. Heaven but that is not happening.

The episode starts with a woman riding a bicycle and being chased down by a man in a hoodie sweatshirt. He stabs the young woman 19 times in an alley.  Clues lead back to a yoga guru and a bystander manages to get a picture of the murder weapon.
Lucifer begins his own investigation, enlisting the aid of his brother, Maze and Ella.  The lab tech agrees to help but she wants something in return. She asks the devil to go to church with her.

Before that happens, Lucifer must get the knife back and keep it out of human hands. The Azrael blade causes whoever holds it to use it. The weapon talks to them until they kill. Humans are affected by the knife the moment they come in contact with it.

Amenadiel and Mazikeen rush all over town to find the weapon before more people die.   Lucifer, Ella and Chloe find a lot of dead bodies at the yoga school and they finally find the knife.

The knife is in the chest of the yoga guru.  Before Lucifer can collect the thing someone takes it.  Morningstar finds out that Dan has the knife and Chloe’s soon to be ex is furious at Lucifer. He  blames him for  his marriage failing and accuses him of eating his “clearly marked” pudding.

Dan wounds Lucifer but he manages to fight the influence of the blade and Lucifer gets it back.  By the end of the episode Lucifer, Amenadiel and Charlotte talk about what they want.

Lucifer gets angry at both his brother and Charlotte and the knife’s blade starts flaming.  Amenadiel and Charlotte leave LUX and Mum believes that they have a chance of succeeding.

There was the continuing subplot  with Dr. Linda Martin coming to grips with Lucifer being the devil for real and not as a delusional affectation.  Chloe getting jealous of Ella is amusing as was Dan’s killing rage over the stolen pudding at work.

This episode also dealt with that connection between Chloe and Lucifer in My Little Monkey.  By the end of this episode Linda has gotten over her shock at Lucifer really being the devil and she begins treating him again.

In many ways this episode was quite grim. It was certainly the episode with the highest body count thus far. Ella and Lucifer worked very well together and the chemistry between Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia is just magic.

The comic highlight of the episode was Lucifer listing Trump as a future denizen of Hell.

Lucifer ars Mondays on FOX.


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