SNL: Dave Chappelle Sends a Message and Kate McKinnon Kills It

 Saturday Night Live - Season 42

SNL went for Dave Chappelle as guest host and A Tribe Called Quest as the show’s musical guests for its post election episode. Chappelle was given an incredible 11 plus minutes for his monologue and he made the most of it. Addressing how things have changed and at the end Dave even wished Donald Trump good luck in his new job.

Kate McKinnon set the tone for the show with a tear inducing tribute to the late Leonard Cohen and a message from her Hillary Clinton.

Chappelle did a brilliant parody of that episode of TWD. Dave played all the characters and his Negan faced creations from his show. It was a crowd pleaser that still managed to insert a political message.

SNL mixed in some pertinent viewpoints about the election and the fact that Donald Trump was chosen to be the 45th president of the United States.  A Tribe Called Quest performed a political song, no surprise there, but it did zero in on the fears of everyone who did not vote for Trump.

The first skit of the evening had Dave as the lone voice of reason as white Clinton supporters have their election ruined by each result update. Chris Rock joined Chappelle at the midway point of the sketch and they then made fun of Clinton supporters in general.

Their point? That the majority of folks who were “With Her” were looking through white-tinged rose-colored glasses.

Colin Yost summed it up on Weekend Update with his gag. Yost pointed out that a 70 year old with no experience could not get hired at Target but was elected to run the country.

Another valid point, made by Michael Che, was that neither candidate was likable.  All in the name of comedy the update was focused on the election and was a highlight.

Kate McKinnon managed to shine with her Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg bit on Update. The comic highpoint was the vitamin C powder although the end bit, “Getting Ginsberned”  was hysterically funny.

“The Last Call” sketch with McKinnon and Chappelle managed to reach heights of poor taste never before seen on this favorite segment.  It was, however, very funny. Even Kenan Thompson  broke character a little bit.

Perhaps the funniest sketch is not available on YouTube. The breastfeeding bit was the clear winner. Dave as a 43 year old football fan who is still “on the breast.” Pete Davidson trying to hide his laughter behind a cookie was brilliant.

The “Inside SNL” skit was a definite middle finger salute to critics who analyze the sketches on the show. Bringing up cue card mistakes and jokes that misfire the sketch was not as funny as it was an angry diatribe against those who “do not get it.”

Vanessa Bayer, with a little help from Dave Chappelle, slammed the misogyny of the new president-elect with their “Kids Talk Politics.”

The pre-recorded “Love and Leslie Jones” with Kyle Mooney was spot on.

In many ways, this episode of SNL felt like so much bravado.  An attempt at whistling past the graveyard while witnessing the madness and failure of American politics. A kind of gallows humor where even Chappelle got to rub it into the faces of liberal Americans.

SNL airs Saturdays on NBC.  All those young at heart who still enjoy a comedy show that stretches the boundaries of good taste should tune in.

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