Masters of Sex: The Eyes of God – Season 4 Finale (Review)


It is all change for Masters and Johnson in the season four finale of Masters of Sex.  “The Eyes of God” sees the end of one marriage and the beginning of another. Libby finds her true calling at Woodstock and Abe is more than willing to follow. Nancy throws one last monkey wrench into the offices of Masters and Johnson and Scully throws in the towel.

The finale was a real mixed bag.  The Art and Nancy storyline ended badly for all concerned. Art snitches on Nancy after learning that she lied about his not being the father of her baby.

Gini and Bill takes swift action to stop Nancy from opening a clinic and using their techniques. They also tackle Bob Drag and remind him about their contract.  Art leaves Nancy after finally realizing that he had sacrificed his happiness to stay with a woman who did not love him.

Nancy, in an act of vindictive cruelty, turns Barton against the man he thought of as a son for years by giving him a tape where Virginia talks about conversion therapy for homosexuals.

Art’s decision to leave was the best one, his wife seemingly was only ever going to be concerned with her own satisfaction, full stop. When Bob Drag learns that Art is now free, he kisses his former doctor in the men’s room.

Dressen wastes no time in telling Virginia that Bob is a practicing homosexual, which voids the work done and using Drag as patient zero in their book.

Caitlin Fitzgerald as Libby Masters

Libby’s week long sojourn at Woodstock changes her life and Abe’s. She has enrolled at Berkley to study law, much to Bill’s chagrin, and while it causes a bit of a problem initially, it is soon ironed out.

Abe tells Libby that he will uproot his life, quite a bold move in those days, and will follow her anywhere. He really does love the ex Mrs. Masters and as Libby tells Abe, evidence seems to indicate that she loves him as well.

There are a few hiccups along the way to Gini and Bill getting married. Guy volunteers to be their wedding planner and gets quite carried away. At one point he rings Hugh Hefner and arranges to have the wedding at the playboy mansion.

Virginia’s parents come on for the intake process. Bill talks to the couple while Gini listens in.  For her mother this is the last straw, she leaves full of indignation at the questions asked and Gini’s dad tells her that the marriage is now officially over.

Later Virginia meets with her mother and they talk. It turns out that both parents are more happy now they have decided to split up. In a surprise move, Dody stops by to see Bill as Gini is leaving.

Nancy tells Barton about the book.

Barton backs out of being the witness for Bill and Gini’s wedding after learning about the conversion plan. He also threatens to fight Bill with every resource available.

Gini waits anxiously for Bill who turns up just as she starts to leave. He has asked Guy to witness the ceremony and they finally get married.  When they leave a photographer is waiting and takes their picture.

Outside the courthouse a group of photographers take their picture. Libby reminds them all that they are “Masters and Johnson” not Dr. and Mrs. Masters. Bill looks decidedly perturbed by the whole thing while Gini smiles broadly.

Masters of Sex has been on top form this season.  Lizzy Caplan gave it her all and knocked a number of her performances right out of the park.  Annaleigh Ashford also managed to hit a series high with her storyline.

Kudos are in order for the entire cast. All the actors  were impressive and noteworthy for a number of reasons. Beau Bridges proved conclusively that his brother Jeff does not have all the chops in the family.

In terms of guest star performances, Sarah Silverman was brilliant as the doomed Helen. Niecy Nash also gave one hell of a performance as Louise. 

The Showtime jury is still out on whether or not Masters of Sex will return for another season.  With season four doing so well dramatically we can only hope to see more next year.


Guest starring Michael O’Keefe as Harry Eshelman, Frances Fisher as Ethel Eshelman, Danny Jacobs as Bob Drag, Kelli O’Hara as Dody and Beau Bridges as Barton Scully. 

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