Falling Water: Ambergris – The Boy (Review)

 Falling Water - Season 1

It now seems that the common denominator in all the dreams is the boy. Falling Water “Ambergris” reveals just why Bill is fascinated by dreams and sharing them. We also learn that Isla, who seems to like smoking crack cocaine, can read minds.

As the episode progresses, Burton, who is apparently not getting much sleep, learns that the land deal is actually worthless. He realizes that the mineral rights offer is a front for Tess’ boy. He also finds out that Isla can see Olivia, aka the woman in red.

Taka meets with Bowen and  Sabine asks him if he is willing to continue their arrangement.  He is also told that Kumiko, his mother, is lost in her own dreamworld.

Tess enters into Bill’s dream (“one time.”) and they  run into the faceless men.  She runs off and Bill goes back into the building to confront the creatures.

Bowen meets with Charlotte and agrees to let her see the boy. In this sequence he is much younger, but clearly, this is the same youngster; Tess’ son.

Out of the three protagonists, Tess and Burton are both suffering from their dreams. Taka is seemingly unaffected by his interaction with the dream world.  Tess tells Bill that she feels tired and out of sorts.  Burton does not admit it but he is suffering similar symptoms.

(Although his state of distress does not affect his ability to exercise.)

Falling Water - Season 1

Bill tells Tess about his twin sister slipping into his dreams when he was a boy. She also learns that Bill’s sister died when she was 16. Burton quits the company he is working for and Isla comes to visit him.

Olivia, it seems, is being held prisoner and in Burton’s dreams she demands that he rescues her. By the end of the episode she is revealed to be on a filthy floor, tied up and and motionless.

The dreams of  each person in this trio continue to merge with reality. Burton, however, seems to have more blending than the other two. His life appears to be one long interwoven dream.  Isla, at one point, tells Burton that this all a test to see how powerful his dreams are.

They are, she tells him, very powerful.

Andy’s body is found in the dumpster. Taka is called in  for his “international” connections. Andy was from Iceland and he was supposed to be in prison for murder.

Taka meets with Bill to ask about the dead man. As he is leaving, Taka sees Tess. They both recognize each other as they  have been sharing dreams.

Apart from Tess’ son appearing in all of their dreams there appears to be another constant, a teddy bear, wearing a red sweater, is another item that shows up in all their dreams. Those green sneakers also appear to be making appearances in each ones dreams.

In the dream that Tess shares with Bill, they are initially on a school bus. Bill tells her that he has to sit with his sister.  The back of a girl’s head can be seen a few rows forward in the bus. Bill tries repeatedly to sit with her but cannot.

They leave the bus and enter a house where a piece of art by Taka’s mother; Kumiko, sits in the middle of a small room. This artwork also appears to the others. Taka sees it, as part of a book asking about ’80’s artists who have disappeared.

It is Burton who has the weirdest experiences this week. Although he did have some odd dream sequences in the previous episode, this week his dreams were so well merged that everything the head of security  did seemed like a dream.

When Burton takes Isla to get her fix, she vanishes out of the backseat of the car they are in. Before she does, however, she notices Olivia and says that the dream woman is beautiful. Burton gets out of the car to talk to her and Isla is gone.

Later she turns up in Burton’s apartment.

Investigating Andy’s death, Taka goes to the airport lost and found section  and looks in the dead man’s suitcase. Inside the small bag are hundreds, if not thousands, of those blue handbills. Each one has a picture of Tess’ boy and the words “His name is…”

Falling Water continues to feel like  a murky version of either Inception or Dreamscape. In the meeting between Burton and H. Robert Arnot, the latter talks of influencing someone’s dreams.

Each episode of this quirky series needs to be watched a number of times to catch all the nuances and messages on offer. It is, despite being quite addictive, hard to follow at times.

Falling Water - Season 1

It is interesting to note that of all the dreamers, it is the tough nut; Burton, who is suffering the most. Taka is too focused on searching for clues to be too affected.

There are so many questions that need answers. Who is studying Burton’s dreams and why?  Why is Tess’ son’s age different to different people? And finally, what is Kumiko’s connection to all this?

Falling Water airs Thursdays on USA. Check this one out if weird and quirky is your cup of tea.


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