Dr Ken: Dave Goes on Shark Tank – Hot Legs (Recap/Review)


Dr. Ken this week focusses on Dave and Molly in “Dave Goes on Shark Tank.”  Both the Park parents take a back seat, playing supporting roles in this cross-over episode.

The Storyline:

At the start of the episode Ken and Allison decide to make trailblazing “afternoon” mimosas. Molly slams into the house spoiling that afternoon delight with the news that a classmate, with designs on Stanford U, has started teaching old people computer skills.

Molly needs an idea on how to beat “teaching old people Tinder.”  Allison suggest a internship at the HMO, aka Welltopia and it is problem solved. Dave then arrives home with the news that he and his new invention will be appearing on “Shark Tank.”

He explains his invention and how it works. (It is a blanket, or duvet, with two leg holes cut in for the user.) Allison likes the idea, as she too suffers from hot legs, and the Park family are excited for the youngest family member.

Ken tells Clark, Pat and Damona about Dave appearing on Shark Tank and that his invention is cute. As Ken has never seen the show, Clark and Damona show him what the show is about. It is, in Ken’s eyes, a bit brutal. Ken is now worried and a little concerned for Dave.

Clark is not overly happy that Molly is interning at the clinic.  She did not “like” a picture of Clark and Connor hiking. Molly sets up an appointment reminder for patients and Pat collars her to do “management training.”

She  ends up going through his receipts.

Ken comes home and tells Allison about his volcano in junior high school and expresses his concern over Dave’s appearance on the entrepreneurial show.

Pat offers to write a letter of recommendation for Molly to his old alma mater, Stamford.   Dave, Allison and Ken are backstage at “Shark Tank” and the youngest Park is nervous.  Allison has to remind Ken that Dave will do fine and that they will support him all the way.

When it is time for Dave to go on he cannot be found.

Molly learns that Pat went to Stamford Community College in Connecticut  and not Stanford University. She is distraught.

You went to Stanford?

Ken finds Dave hiding under the hot legs duvet in the “green room” and he pumps his son up. Dave is still unsure but then Ken says he will go on with him.

Molly reveals to Clark why she did not “like” his and Connor’s hiking picture and he gets emotional.  Pat then reveals that his best friend from high school is the dean of admissions to Stanford. He offers to put in a good word for Molly.

Dave gives his spiel to the “Shark Tank” panel and no one likes the product. “Mr Wonderful” shoots the idea down hard and tells Dave he is “dead to him.” Dave thanks the panel and leaves.

Ken tells O’Leary, “I hope you drown in your own leg sweat.”

Afterward Mark Cuban comes back to the green room to offer Dave some encouragement.  Dave is ecstatic over his appearance on the show. No scarring here at all.

Ken then tries his luck on the “Shark Tank” using Dave’s blanket cutouts for coasters or a safe Frisbee.

Standout Moments: 

Clark’s “Online Damona…Where the world lives.”

Ken’s “mimosa-close.”

Pat and Molly and Stamford.

Dave’s opening presentation on the “Shark Tank.”

Pat’s Pancho Vermont.

Dave’s “Suddenly I have a taste for shark meat.”

Clark and Molly’s “like” scene.

Dave’s “kid-trepenuer.”

Ken’s “I won’t give up either Mark Cuban!”

The panel’s reaction to Ken in the Hot Legs Duvet.

The Message:

The focus this season is still on family. Even in this cross-over episode it is the children and their support network, i.e. Ken and Allison that moves the show forward.

The emphasis on being good parents is the big message here. Ken’s worry that Dave will be scarred for life if the “Shark Tank” appearance goes badly is something that every parent will recognize.

Allison, is the positive re-enforcement  to Ken’s wavering support insisting that Dave will survive his encounter with the sharks. She reminds Ken that their son is pretty resilient.

Aside from Dave’s excursion into the world of the entrepreneur, we have Molly’s entrance into Ken’s workplace.  Both the Park children are growing up this year and the college bound big sister is managing to impress all who meet her.

Allison and Ken are proving that successful parents support their kids any way they can.

Albert Tsai as Little Big Man Dave

Final Thoughts:

Dr. Ken is still the best thing about Friday night television.  It is funny and the ensemble cast delivers each and every week. The show is family centric and it allows for Ken Jeong’s particular talents and also gives his fellow cast members their chance to shine.

This cross over episode was very well done and clearly the “Shark Tank” cast enjoyed their time on the show. A few of them, no names mentioned, could be heard “breaking character,” and at least two could not stop grinning at Ken and Dave’s antics.

(On a sidenote: The coaster “close” was very funny and a nice end to the proceedings…Just saying.)

Krista Marie Yu and Albert Tsai are still the best “kids” on television at the moment. They had no chance do their brother sister double act on this episode but each managed to shine regardless.

Dr. Ken airs Fridays on ABC. The show something the whole family can enjoy. Tune in and settle in to watch the best ensemble show on Friday night telly. For those who like a bit of reality on a Friday night, stick around for “Shark Tank,” which airs after Dr. Ken.


Guest starring Lori GreinerMark CubanKevin O’LearyDaymond John and Robert Herjavec as themselves. 

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