Rosewood: Lidocaine and Long Term Lust – Nip and Tuck (Review)


Rosewood this week starts off with Tawnya and Rosie still going gang busters with their new relationship. Things come to a screeching halt however when the new woman in his life stands Rosie up for lunch.

The theme of  “Lidocaine and Long Term Lust” was abuse.  Spousal and otherwise. A top Miami model is found murdered. The young woman is posed like a doll and she was beaten the night she died.

Rosie is unfocused this week. When questioned about his lack of “Rosie-ness” he blames it on the Gerald case. Mitchie is back and so is Pippy. The trio are back together and they concentrate on what killed the model.

Tawnya stands Rosie up and when he asks her why, she hesitantly explains that her ex husband threatened to kill her. Rosie moves Tawnya and Kayla into his house to keep them safe.

Villa has to put up with her mother and Hornstock partying into the wee hours and later Daisie takes Annalise out with TMI and Pippy for a girl’s night.  Villa meets up with Adrian Webb, the new M.E. and Rosie is intrigued.

The model was beaten to make it seem like her ex boyfriend killed her. The beating did not kill her though, she was overdosed with lidocaine patches.  The woman was addicted to plastic surgery and  on the day she was murdered she had a few more nips and tucks done.

Suspects include her ex, her present boyfriend and her plastic surgeon. It turns out that the young woman was hooked on attaining perfection.  Her backstory was one of abuse. She had an abusive father and then her ex boyfriend was also an abuser.

As the episode progresses Rosie zeroes in on the plastic surgeon but he is cleared. However, the surgeon’s trademark, using “moles” to cover up scarring leads Rosie and Annalise to the killer.

It was the woman’s new boyfriend.

The surgeon actually cured the young woman of her addiction to perfection and she was going to quit the business and her new boyfriend.

Rosewood goes to see Tawnya’s ex. He promises that if the man comes near his new girlfriend  that he will take action.

While it is annoying that the “will they, won’t they” aspect of Villa and Rosewood’s partnership has been diverted the chemistry between the two is still impressive.

Sadly the show needs that Rosie and Villa interchange. Without it the show feels awkward.

Still, the two new regulars are a nice fit. Pippy returning to the lab may allow the relationship between her and TMI to rekindle and Mitchie is fitting in that bit better.

The main storyline dealt with domestic abuse and misogyny as well as personal image problems of men and women.

It was brilliant to have Lisa Vidal back as Annalise’s mother and Ira Hornstock’s girlfriend.  She makes the show sparkle that bit more.

Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX. Tune in and see where the show heads next. Will Gerald become a fixture in the show?


Guest starring  Camille Spirlin as Kayla

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