Blindspot: We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters – Change the World (Review)

Blindspot - Season 2

Blindspot this week begins in the middle of a stakeout. Reade and Zapata are watching a woman run from a building where shots were heard. A van explodes and the team run to the stunned female. “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters” was confusing to start and fell back on a cliché as one of the suspects was questioned.

Before the van blows up, Zapata confesses to Reade that she took the murder weapon from the evidence locker. Nas her team enter building that Burton came out if and they cannot find Kurt or Jane.

We learn that the exploding van was part of an undercover operation set up by Nas and Kurt to capture the FBI’s eighth most wanted criminal, Nico Marconi.

The man who was partly responsible for Mayfair’s death, Assistant US Attorney Mathew Weitz arrives to question the team and to make allegations of ignoring protocol.  No one, least of all Zapata, is pleased to see this douche on two legs.

While the agents question Burton and Doyle separately, Weitz questions Nas and the others. We learn that Patterson set up a sting operation based on the tattoo that lead the FBI to Rich Dotcom and his puppy site.

She sets up a fake website with members of the agency as criminals on hire. Weller and Jane’s profile gets a hit. They then go undercover as criminals for a man named Emile. Emile is the mouthpiece for number eight on the FBI’s most wanted list; Nico Marconi.

The two people being questioned are Lynn Burton and Clive Doyle. Burton, a hacker proves to be the most useful although she is not a voluntary suspect.

Patterson reveals that she found the hacker’s equipment on the van and that the FBI froze the assets of Burton’s off-shore bank account. Doyle is no real help at all. He spins a yarn where he is the kick-a** hero and Kurt and Jane rely upon him to get through the mission.

The scientist and Kurt are auctioned off on the Dark Web while being held by Emile and his goons.

Later in the episode, Weller works out that Emile is Nico. The heist was done at yet another governmental summit meeting. (Crime shows at the moment are full of these “high level” meetings, must the that time of year…) They kidnap a Chinese scientist that Nico is convinced developed a tsunami bomb.

Kurt is purchased by Nas and her team using Burton’s off-shore account money.  Weller manages to kill the two guards with a little help from Dr. Chen. Nas and her people converge on the site to pay for Weller.

She insists that they see what they are buying before handing over the rest of the money.  Nico’s head goon discovers that Weller and Chen are missing.

There is a brief firefight between the two factions and Nas takes on the head goon in hand to hand combat. He finally manages to overpower the NSA agent and begins choking her. Jane knocks him out wth a rifle butt.

Back at FBI headquarters Weitz wants Nas’ head on a platter. He is furious that she “stole” money from Burton’s account and used it to rescue Weller and the Chinese scientist. Nas calls him a bully who uses borrowed power to make others fear him.

Blindspot - Season 2

Nas then gives Patterson access to everything the NSA have on Sandstorm.

The team all get together to celebrate the pregnancy of Weller’s baby momma and Jane appears to be thoughtful and Edgar leaves after learning that Zapata returned Freddie’s knife.

Reade buys his childhood friend a one-way bus ticket and tells him “never come back.” Jane goes home and a disheveled Roman turns up. The mole’s note that his sister is siding with the FBI is bothering him.

Roman tells her that he wants Jane by his side for phase two of the plan. It will, he says, change the world.

The question of the mole is still unanswered. Nas is still the best suspect since giving Patterson access to the NSA Files on Sandstorm. This could well be a set up.  Nas may plan to give Patterson the information so she can frame her as the mole.

Zapata is still, however, running right along side Nas as the prime suspect. She does have prior, after all, and has proven that she is not afraid to ignore the rules. Tasha only put the knife back at Edgar’s insistence.

The comedy in this episode was offered up by Matt Murray’s character Clive Doyle. It was amusing but this schtick has been done before. (Think Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer here.)

Roman being turned by Jane looks very unlikely as the fire burns deep in this man. He may want “sis” by his side for the big bang moment but he could very easily turn on her if she refuses.

Blindspot took a more serious tone after the Rich Dotcom episode, although Murray did qualify for a bit of comic relief.  Dr. Borden was nowhere to be seen and he is still on the list of suspects as the mole.

The series airs Wednesdays on NBC. Tune in and try to figure out who the mole in the FBI office is.


Guest starring Daniel J. Watts as Freddy, Aaron Abrams as Weitz, Daniel London as Emile / Nico Marconi, Matt Murray  as Clive Doyle, Mia Vallet as Lynn Burton and Jing Xu as Dr. Mingxia Chen.

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