Lethal Weapon: Ties That Bind – La La Land (Review)


Lethal Weapon keeps cranking it up with storylines that amuse and enthrall. “Ties That Bind” sees the return of Riggs’ deceased wife, via a friend he sees at an investigation  and a look at what partying really means in “La La Land.” Murtaugh also has some issues with Riana trying to grow up too soon.

The episode starts with a barefoot girl  being chased down the street by a red Ferrari, the car smashes into the young woman and a palm tree. The beautiful young lady dies and the two cops get their case of the week.

At the Murtaugh residence Roger is trying out the new family television and a risque picture of Riana ends up on the flat screened smart TV. Roger is not amused.

Neither is Martin when he discovers that he has new neighbors on his section of the beach. They are a trio of Dutch men who love loud rock and roll. Riggs goes over to introduce himself and breaks their amplifier.

The two detectives start working on the Ferrari girl case and meet one of LA’s elite class, one Dylan Ashworth a man whose father Harry is one of the richest men in the city.

Murtaugh gets the phone number of Riana’s “boyfriend” who posted the picture on his Facebook page.  Later he and Martin pay a visit to the lad who goes by the name of Sea Dog. First they crash Dylan Ashworth’s party.

Martin sees his wife’s old roommate, Rachel. She sees Riggs and scurries out of the party. Roger goes to question Dylan. Young Ashworth is condescending and patronizing, he also starts to snort cocaine in front of the detective. Dylan is arrested.

After questioning Ashworth, Murtaugh is starting to lose patience with Dylan just as his father and family retainer turn up to  free him. Riggs goes to see Rachel and they talk briefly about her connection to the Ashworth family and LA party planner Julian.

Riggs stops Julian and gets his “party” book. Unfortunately it is in code and he gives it back.  The two detectives visit Sea Dog and Martin manages to keep Roger from thrashing the kid. They then use him to steal Julian’s notebook.

Martin takes it to Rachel who deciphers the thing and he learns that the dead girl was connected to Ashworth senior. Roger and Martin crash another Ashworth party. Dylan’s father Harry is about to perform a bit of S&M on Rachel, who does not want to participate.

As Riggs and Murtaugh attempt to find Harry and Rachel, she escapes. Ashworth chases her down the street in another fast car. As he is about to run Rachel down, Martin shoots out a tire and the car flips over and catches fire.

Martin grabs Rachel and he takes her away from the burning car that explodes soon after.

This episode of Lethal Weapon used the big screen version as a template but adjusted the storyline to fit both Wayans and Crawford.  It was funny, Murtaugh warning Trish in the precinct and getting that look and Riggs’ falsetto tone when talking to Julian’s guard, “We’re here!”

Riggs’ feud with the music loving Dutch guys was also funny and reminiscent of the big screen Riggs. (Especially when he smashes up the guitar.) Murtaugh breaking in on a spanking, or to be more accurate, whipping session in the hotel was also very funny.

Lethal Weapon also boasted two brilliant scenes. After a short, but so impressive, car chase, we see Riggs, holding Rachel tightly, walking away from the explosion and never batting an eye. All slow mo bad ass-ery and way too cool for school.

That scene is followed by  Roger trying manfully to hold back tears after his little heart to heart talk with Riana…was…just…brilliant.

Lethal Weapon benefits from a cast that are firing on all cylinders and have nigh on perfect onscreen chemistry. Wayans and Crawford are Murtaugh and Riggs.

The end scene, where Roger has the Dutch guys’ RV towed away ends with the two sitting on beach chairs and drinking beer. They clink their bottles and Crawford smiles at his “senior” partner. There is a solid truth in the actors grin and in his eyes.

We have no problem believing that these two cops are friends in this small screen buddy feature.

Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays on FOX. Tune in for some great action moments, some spot-on comedy and two damn fine actors who are setting the small screen on fire.


Guest starring Roberto Aguire as Dylan Ashworth, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Rachel, Tanc Sade as Julian, Christopher Stanley as Harry Ashworth, Hart Denton as Chauncey and Jacob DeMonte-Finn as Dutch Guy.

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Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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