Son of Zorn: A Tale of Two Zorns – Zorn Again (Recap/Review)


In Son of Zorn this week, Alangulon’s father uses his robot decoy to play pranks on him. Meka-Zorn in “A Tale of Two Zorns” has just returned from serving a prison sentence for Zorn.  In this episode, Zorn uses his robot to fool Alan, his boss Jackie and his fellow co-worker Todd.

At the start of the episode Zorn keeps pranking Alan. The boy comes into his dad’s apartment to see him impaled on his sword. When he freaks out, Zorn enters the room laughing.

“You should have seen your face!”

Later, Zorn double-pranks Alan by having Meka-Zorn appear dead while Zorn lays in the bathroom also pretending to be dead. Alan is not amused.

There is still a competition between milquetoast Craig, Edie’s fiancé, and Zorn for Alan’s attention and at this stage, Craig is actually winning.  Alan and Craig play computer games together and work well as  a team.

The new man in Edie’s life is bonding brilliantly with Alan and Zorn feels left out. Although he does not want to admit it, Zorn is afraid he will lose Alangulon to Craig.

Alan and Craig want to go to a video game special opening on Friday, a school day, and Zorn takes the day off to take his son to the event.  Leaving Meka-Zorn to take his place, the robot fools Jackie and Todd.

In fact Todd bonds with Meka-Zorn and he believes that Zorn now likes him.  Meanwhile the father and son stand in line and discover that they are close enough to get some freebies connected to the game.

As usual, Zorn completely misses the point and manages to annoy and embarrass Alan in the line.  Zorn kills Alan and his two new friends in a computer game. Craig shows up and Zorn calls in his bird scout to abduct Edie’s fiancé.

Todd really opens up to Meka-Zorn at work and later when the real Zorn appears Todd is confused. He does manage to give Zorn good advice about dealing with both Craig and Alan though.

Edie complains about Zorn so much to her two friends that they want to dump her.  Meka-Zorn breaks down at the office and Jackie is surprised that Zorn has a decoy. Edie stops by to confront Zorn and she fixes the broken Meka-Zorn.

Later, she and Jackie get drunk and abuse the robot decoy to work out their frustration with the real thing.  While Zorn is being given advice by Todd, Meka-Zorn breaks down again. He arrives in time to see Edie  fix the robot but this time it goes into bomb mode.

Zorn resets  his decoy but this time the thing goes into “kill mode.” It immediately attacks him.  As Zorn prepares to die, Alan and Craig combine forces to shut the decoy down.

Craig pours a bottle of red wine into the robot and it short circuits. Craig and Alan “high-five” and Zorn is annoyed.

This was an interesting episode.  Jackie, who normally fades into the background,  took center stage for a bit and did well. After beating Meka-Zorn with a pan, she begins to kiss Zorn’s decoy.

Edie and Jackie bonding over wine was amusing and Craig was a tad less nerdish this week.  At the end of the episode, as the credits were rolling down, Meka-Zorn kept sparking and “farting” and it was, in a juvenile way, funny.

Son of Zorn airs Sundays on FOX. Tune in and see what Zorn gets up to next and whether or not he ever really connects with Alangulon.


Author: Mike's Film Talk

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