Longmire Season 5: Stand Your Ground – Malachi (Review)

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Longmire follows up Cady shooting Asha’s abusive husband with the Irish Mob boss showing back up and Walt believes that he is there to have him killed. “Stand Your Ground” involved a lot of running around and Vic discovering that she is pregnant.

This may well be the most frustrating episode of the season. Walt has become so fixated on Jacob Nighthorse as being the resident boogieman that he allows himself to be misled.

While it may be down to the court case against him, Walt also lets Cady down by not being there to support her. Instead of helping her through the killing of J.P. he tells Cady that it is her fault because she works for Jacob.

Henry actually comes across more like a father than Walt does in this instance.  He also retrieves the rifle from Matthias and puts eagle feathers on the weapon. Henry presents the gun to Cady as a sign of acceptance by the Cheyenne tribe.

The tribe also accepts Cady without Henry’s gesture. They believe that since she shot and killed someone to defend a member of the Cheyenne tribe she really is on their side.

Jacob stops by to tell Walt’s daughter he is proud of her. The expression on Cady’s face reveals she has mixed feelings about this.

At the start of the episode Walt is called out to Jacob’s house. He believes the Irish mob have put a hit on him. A Celtic flag has been left on his property.  Longmire decides to have someone look after Nighthorse as a measure of protection.

Henry finds the second ledger, ironically Malachi has hidden it behind the “Little Big Man” film poster in Henry’s old office, and Jacob now has the evidence he needs to prove all of Malachi’s sins.

Walt meets with Muldoon who explains that he has decided to pull out of the casino and Absaroka County as Longmire suggested. The meeting turns dark when Muldoon pulls out a picture of a very dead Eddie Harp.

Shane tells the lawman that he took his advice and shut up his partner. He then says he wants Walt’s assurance that he will not talk. The threat is clear as Muldoon mentions everyone that Longmire holds dear.

Longmire talks to Malachi who implicates Jacob Nighthorse. The head of casino security convinces Walt that his boss has been lying.  Walt is too eager to believe this and he pulls Eamonn off the protective detail.

While he is at Jacob’s house, he begins ranting about how guilty Nighthorse is and that he has been working with the mob all along. Suddenly shots are fired and Eamonn is hit in the leg. Jacob and Walt return fire and Nighthorse pursues the shooter.

Longmire pulls Eamonn out of the swimming pool.

Cady is cleared of all charges by Jacob’s lawyer Kevin Morris. As he leaves the lawyer recommends that Cady not shoot the next one on her driveway.  He suggests that this will not be the last time he defends her for shooting someone.

Asha is the only member of the  Cheyenne tribe who has not accepted Cady. She is furious with her for killing her husband.

Towards the end of the episode Walt finally looks up from Jacob Nighthorse long enough to realize that Malachi might be the suspect he should be questioning. When questioned Malachi promises that he has evidence that will implicate Jacob and arranges to meet with Longmire later.

In the meantime, Jacob and Henry grab Malachi and take him out near the fake burial site of David Ridges. Jacob banishes Malachi and cuts his face. Henry forces Malachi to sign his club back over and the former head of security shouts at him as Henry and Nighthorse leaves.

“Stand Your Ground” was a frustrating episode to watch. Walt has become so focused on Nighthorse that he is missing obvious connections. He has, for whatever reason, practically turned his back on Cady.

Clearly the lawsuit may be partly to blame for his  lack of attention to detail but his treatment of Cady is harsh.

It seems obvious that Malachi had someone shoot at Jacob, although since Eamonn was the only one hit, there could be a third party who was aiming at the deputy.

Regardless of the frustration element, this episode was all about change. Vic discovering that she is pregnant, Walt beginning to focus on Malachi and Henry getting his club/bar back.  It was also about a  major turning point in Cady’s life. Her position as the lawyer for the Cheyenne nation is also changing.  Malachi too has had a change of fortune, so to speak.

Longmire is steaming on Netflix right now. All 10 episodes are available. Netflix and the Longmire Posse have confirmed that the show will be back for a sixth season. Sadly, however, it appears that this next season will be Walt Longmire’s last ride as sheriff of Absaroka County.

Mosey on over, if you have not already, and check out this splendid series.


Guest starring  Dylan Walsh as Shane Muldoon,  Josh Cooke as Eamonn O’Neill and Currie Graham as Kevin Morris.

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One thought on “Longmire Season 5: Stand Your Ground – Malachi (Review)”

  1. Splendid series. Yes. This episode in particular, frustrating, yes. Folks all over the world hollerin’ at Walt, at their screens, wanting to give him a Gibbs head-slap. Will clarity of mind happen to Walt? “Tune in again next…”


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