Superstore: Election Day (Recap/Review)

Superstore - Season 2

After last week’s Halloween filled antics, and Dina as a dominatrix cop, Superstore shifts into high gear for the upcoming Election day. This episode focuses on Dina and Glenn, allowing them to become the comic highlight of the show.

Mateo tries to keep his illegal alien status a secret, although he does confide in Cheyenne. His confession does not get quite the reception he was hoping for as she thought he was going to talk about Jeff.

Amy is shocked and thrown completely off course when she meets Naomi, the new woman in Jonah’s life.  Her reaction, after she and Jonah actually start bonding and really loosening up with one another is priceless.

The reason the two are getting on so well is down to their combined effort to produce an election pamphlet to combat the one Cloud 9 have been pushing.   Amy and Jonah are so pleased at the response to the “truthful” pamphlet that they are not, for once, arguing about everything. They are actually laughing and joking during their break together.

In comes Naomi who says Jonah was going to help her pick out towels. (Things must be going well for the couple.) There are awkward introductions and Amy becomes flustered. She later replaces Jonah on pamphlet duty and has Marcus help her instead.

Superstore - Season 2

The bickering between Dina and Glenn reaches epic proportions. Their stubborn refusal to back down leads to the two becoming reluctant co-horts in crime.  While bringing out coffee for Syd and Dorothy, they manage to spill the stuff into a ballot box.

They quickly grab the box and start drying out the coffee drenched ballots. Glenn turns on a fan to hurry up the process and the 53 wet ballots go flying out the window. Both Glenn and Dina are now convinced that they are in serious trouble.

Mateo cannot vote, since he is an illegal alien, and tries to get a badge that says “I Voted.” He tries repeatedly to get one from the booth, but Dorothy guards them like they were gold. Later, she is shown handing them out to children.

Cheyenne makes him a badge but he does not appreciate the  gesture. Toward the end of the episode, after he tries to grab a badge from the dumpster, he buys Garrett’s. He proudly shows it off and no one cares.

Glenn tries to get Dina to incriminate herself by taping a conversation about the missing ballots. She does not cooperate and tries to incriminate him.

Meanwhile, Syd and Dorothy talk about the 53 missing  ballots and Syd laughs. “Jeez, that’s way down from last time.

The episode ends with Glenn and Dina shouting over one another while he holds the recorder.  “Election Day” was a funny episode that allowed Amy and Jonah to take a backseat to the proceedings.

Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash were brilliant in this episode by taking their bickering work relationship up a few notches.  The pay off was the two having to work together (Politics really does make strange bedfellows…) to keep from going to prison.

Amy and Jonah’s working relationship took a tumble and it will be interesting to see how they interact after the appearance of Naomi.  In terms of comedy some of Superstore‘s highlights are down to these two working together.

Speaking of highlights, there were several in this episode.  The “Brooklyn-ese” that Jonah uses to get the dock workers to vote for the right guy was funny. Even funnier was Amy’s telling him that not every dock worker comes from Brooklyn. Then the guy Jonah is talking to responds with a “Deze and Doze,” accent. Brilliant.

Later, just before Naomi enters the picture, Amy and Jonah are talking to each other in the Brooklyn accent. It was a splendid moment as the chemistry between these two is spot on.

Other highlight’s included the mice giving birth in the jalapeño cheese dip and the customer vignettes were spot on this week as well. The grown up “aisle hog” (Jimmy Johnson) running the kid in the tiny car into an end cap was very funny.

Superstore - Season 2
Jimmie Johnson “Competition R Us.”

Superstore is brilliant fun. Exploring the inner workings of a Box Store, aka Walmart, and the people who work there.

The series airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune and catch the comedy.


Guest starring  Edward James Gage as Syd,  Jayne Taini as Dorothy, Azie Tesfai as Naomi and Jimmy Johnson as himself.

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