The Good Place: Episode 9 – Get the Fork Out (Recap/Review)

The Good Place - Season 1

The Good Place picks up where it left off last week;  where the Real Eleanor arrives via the train and Michael decides to fight for the Fake Eleanor to stay. While “Someone Like Me As a Member” focusses on the negotiations with Trevor, Tahani learns Jianyu’s secret. We also learn about “Shawn.” By the end of the episode, Michael gets tough and tells Trevor and his gang of bullies to “Get the fork out.”

Real Eleanor gets to eat food that “does not turn into spiders in your mouth” and she shows Fake Eleanor how to get into the bedroom via the hidden steps. (The whole fake and real bit is a tad annoying but slightly better than “Good Eleanor and Bad Eleanor.”)

Finally this episode reveals how the mixup between the Eleanor’s occurred.  Both were in Phoenix, Arizona in the same supermarket parking lot when they died. The Real Eleanor was there to buy something for homeless people and the Fake one to buy margarita mix and a magazine called “Celebrity Baby Plastic Surgery Disasters.”

Both died within “10,000th’s of a second” in the same traffic accident. Real Eleanor tried to save Fake Eleanor and they were both hit by the “boner pill” truck.  Real Eleanor apologizes to Fake Eleanor for “botching” the rescue attempt.

Michael reveals that people on Earth look like dots and then tries to buy off  Trevor with the option of getting a real unicorn. After Trevor reacts by saying they might like skinning and eating the creature Michael rethinks his strategy.

Fake Eleanor asks Michael why he is fighting for her to stay and he tells her that now she feels like a member of the team.  Fake Eleanor has a flashback, or two, about being a loner when she was alive.

Michael asks Tahani for help with Trevor and his bullying crew. The architect admits that he is afraid of Trevor and his minions. Tahani agrees to help and they hold the negotiations for Fake Eleanor in her house.

The Good Place - Season 1
Michael and Tahani

Trevor, Chidi and the two Eleanor’s go on a double date to The Good Plates.  It becomes obvious that Chidi and the Real Eleanor really are “soulmates.”  During the dinner date from Hell, we learn what the real difference is between the two Eleanor’s.

Fake Eleanor is a glass half empty person and Real Eleanor is a glass half full person.

Janet, or “Good Janet” has to ask Jianyu what jalapeño poppers are and he tells her.  He then gives the A.I. a hug and when she asks why, Jianyu replies that she is the only one here who is nice to him.

Trevor acts disgusting throughout the entire meal and Fake Eleanor has another flashback. At Tahani’s house, the bully crew are snorting time and Tahani learns that Jianyu knows how to tap a keg.

After the Real Eleanor and Chidi go on a tour of The Good Place, while Fake Eleanor gets hammered with Trevor.  He tries to convince her that she belongs in the bad place. Fake Eleanor goes to leave and Trevor asks if they are going to have sex.

“Ew. Gross. No.”

“Okay. You know I had to ask babe.”

Tahani teaches Michael how to “man up” against Trevor and his goons. Fake Eleanor gets her first hangover since arriving in The Good Place. Chidi reveals to Fake Eleanor that he is still on her side and will go with her to the negotiations.

Cue another flashback and Fake Eleanor’s work life on Earth.  (Her dream job was selling fake medicine to old people.)

At the negotiations Trevor lies and says that Fake Eleanor gave up and will be coming to The Bad Place with him.  She then tells them all that she wants to stay because she wants to be a better person.

Michael stands up to Trevor and tells him he will get nothing and finishes by telling him to “get the fork out of my town.” Trevor and his crew storm out and he tells Fake Eleanor that she is on borrowed time.

Tahani confronts Jianyu in his man cave and reveals that she knows he is not a Buddhist monk. She also found his junk food. Tahani suggests they have a chat.

The Good Place continues to amuse. “Someone Like Me As a Member” did have one flaw. The concept of “The Bad Place” and Trevor as the “devil” came across a bit more disgusting than horrible. (Although food into spiders thing was pretty horrific…)

It also a tad odd that the presence of Trevor and his nasty little gang did not cause some sort of disruption. All the inappropriate things they got up to should have torn the place to pieces.

Their behavior also points out the more topical premise of The Good Place. In this show, heaven and hell are separated by degrees of political correctness.

The Good Place is all PC and frozen yoghurt while The Bad Place is disgusting and, as Fake Eleanor says, gross.  This is a concept that seems to fit Millennials like a glove.

On a quick sidenote, we love Tiya Sircar’s Real Eleanor.

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune is for a giggle or two.


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