Agents of SHIELD: The Good Samaritan – Say Tío (Review)


Agents of SHIELD this week gives us a Robbie Reyes’  backstory, shows the true nature of the new director Jeffery Mace and it turns out that good old Uncle Eli, aka Tío, is the bad guy here and not Joseph or Lucy.  The agents also learn that when it comes to the Ghost Rider, containment is not really possible.

(On a sidenote: The CG for Reyes’ change to the flaming skull visage of Ghost Rider is still darned impressive for a television show.)

Jemma may be in some trouble, after she outmaneuvered Mace last week. She has been sent on some sort of secret mission that the new director of SHIELD says is for someone high up in the US government. It seems pretty certain this payback and that the Jemma may be meeting Nadeer.

The highlight of the episode is, hands down, the Robbie Reyes backstory. (Although the line of the episode belongs to Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson. The “Sounds a little FOX news to me,” was brilliant.) Reyes has to reveal to his little brother what really happened the night they were targeted by the Locos.

It also revealed that it was not Robbie the Locos wanted at all, it was Uncle Eli.  Later in the episode, while Mace’s agents are attempting to stop Lucy, that we learn Eli was using the street gang for his own gains and that it somehow backfired.

It turns out that Robbie did not sell his soul for vengeance but to make up for putting his brother Gabe in harm’s way.  The revenge schtick belongs to the demon that answered Reyes’ call for help.

Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, aka the Ghost Rider

Fans of Marvel’s flaming Ghost Rider will be au fait  with Reyes’ origin story already, but for those not well versed in the lore, it was a nice touch.

Lucy meets Robbie and she attempts to “ghost” him but the move fails. Robbie then destroys the incorporeal woman with one fiery touch.  Phil makes it to the new lab set up by Lucy and Eli. He learns that Eli was not the saintly victim in this scenario but the villain.

Speaking of learning things, Mace finds out the hard way that he is  not so great and powerful.  Reyes cleans the man’s clock and probably could have beaten him to death if Phil had not interrupted.

The new director of SHIELD, as shown in last week’s episode,  is not as pristine as his square-jawed, twinkly-eyed visage suggests. He can and will play dirty. He is furious with Phil about harboring Daisy, aka Quake, and Reyes.

It seems pretty certain that Phil will be punished in some way for his transgression.

Although Mace may have some trouble applying any sort of punitive measures since Phil, along with Fitz, have gone missing. When Eli got inside that huge pod and activated the thing, Phil began pulling plugs and ripping connections loose.

As the thing powered up and then “went off” a wave of energy washed over the facility. At the end, when Eli exits the pod, twirling a piece of carbon above his hand, both Phil and Fitz are missing.

Were they transformed into that bit of carbon or are they now like Lucy was?

The Darkhold was taken by May and secured on the ship. This may, or may not, be part of the tie-in to the Marvel big screen debut of Doctor Strange  on 4 November. Since the next episode of Agents of SHIELD airs on 8 November it may not.

Agents of SHIELD ended on a real cliff-hanger.  Daisy still in containment, Fitz and Phil both missing and Jemma still incommunicado to the outside world.

Daisy, Gabe and Robbie in the containment module.

Of course the big twist at the end is whether or not Ghost Rider will be powerful enough to stop Uncle Eli.  Can Robbie make his uncle say Tío and give himself up?

Agents of Shield airs Tuesdays on ABC.


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