Narcos: Nuestra Finca – “Our Farm” (Recap/Review)

Netflix Narcos

In episode nine of Narcos “Nuestra Finca” (Our Farm) Pablo has finally lost it all.  Narcos continues with the slow downfall of Escobar as he runs out of places to hide. He finally takes temporary refuge at his father’s farm.

Tata is panicking as Gustavo de Greiff tells her that the protective custody is ending.  She insists that Los Pepes will kill them all and he suggests hiring private protection. Tata cannot get in touch with Pablo either so her troubles are twofold.

Later, one of the guards tries to help by turning over the radio frequencies and times from Tata’s radio. Javi thinks the man wants money or a visa to the states but he does not.

Los Pepes disband as Escobar has lost all his power, troops and money and is literally on his last legs. The group also have all of Escobar’s  product.  As they stand in a room full of cocaine, they call Rodriguez and ask what they should do with the weapon used by Flaggstudl stuff.

The head of the Cali cartel tells Carlos to keep it. He tells the Castaño brothers that it can be used for their cause; fighting the communist threat.  He also tells them to do what they wish with Judy Moncada.

Initially they try to kill her, via a bomb in her Mercedes. They fail and eventually Bill Stechner from the CIA, who are already partnered up with the brothers, arranges for Judy to become a CIA informant. She is flown to America to give an interview on the Today show.

Pablo and Limon head out to Abel Escobar’s farm to hideout.  While they are there the two men help build fence and do other odd jobs around the place.

Escobar sends Limon out to dig up $500 thousand dollars he buried on his father’s farm. Limon does this and discovers that the money has rotted in the case.

He then goes to see Maritza. He wants the money back that they gave her earlier. She resists and ends up being shot. Limon throws some loose bills on her bed and leaves with the money.

Pablo and his father get into an argument and he decides to leave the farm.  Limon comes back with the ruined money and what he got from Maritza. He tells Escobar they only have around $6 thousand dollars.

Colonel Martinez okays the use of the radio codes to track Pablo. Escobar and his father have a falling out. Pablo leaves a large amount of the money with his father. He finally gets a decent signal for his radio and he calls Tata.

Javi learns from super spook Bill Stechner that Messina has been removed rom from her post. Bill also hint that potato chips cannot eat.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix. Tune in and see what happens  best.

The  series has one more episode before Narcos is defeated, permanently. Tune in and see how it all ended for the man who was one the richest criminal in the world.


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