Z Nation: Welcome to Murphytown – Murphy Meets The Man (Review)

Z Nation - Season 3

In this episode of Z Nation Murphy is actively recruiting new people to become part of his empire.  Blends are being created wholesale and “Welcome to Murphytown,” and he finally meets The Man who comes to join Murphy’s minions.

While The Man works to infiltrate Murphytown and take the leader back to his employers, 10K and Doc are reunited with Warren and the rest of the group.  Citizen Z, along with Kaya and her family make it back to the Northern Lights facility. They manage to get the electricity turned back on.

The Man tricks Murphy into believing he was vaccinated and brings Murphy some brains. Murphy makes The Man eat the brains and he is finally satisfied that The Man is a blend.

Murphy orders The Man to bring him more brains.  He leaves and throws up the small amount of brains he ate to fool Murphy.  The Man then takes the remainder of them back to Murphy. He also mistakenly believes that the little girl with the blue ball; Cassidy Chaffin, is Lucy.

Roberta and her followers learn that Murphy is advertising for new people to become blends via a loud speaker on a van.  She decides that Addy and Doc need to grab Lucy as she may also have Murphy’s immunity.

Warren finally learns that 10K was bitten by Murphy. He grabs a vaccine hypodermic and runs off.  Citizen Z lets Kaya do the first broadcast since the facility went down. She does an Operation Bitemark rap.  Doc and Addy hear it and Addy tries to get back in touch with Z.

The Man makes his move against Murphy and learns to his chagrin that Cassidy is not Lucy. He is then captured and Murphy brutally questions The Man who refuses to  tell him who he works for.

Z Nation - Season 3
Not Lucy…

Warren and her group make it to Spokane in time for Murphy to turn the lights of the city on. As Roberta Warren realizes that her group needs backup, Murphy finds that The Man has escaped. The bald man leaves behind one of his hands with the middle finger extended.

It seems pretty inevitable that the Red Hands will end up joining forces with Warren. Although they seem to be pretty wild compared to the Lt. and her group.  There is Hector however, the original Escorpion, and he may prove crucial to the merger.

Murphy is changing. Apparently taking the vaccine is changing him in other ways. His blue countenance is becoming blotchy and Murphy now looks a bit camouflaged in appearance.

This episode was a fairly light in comparison to the grim nature of the previous episodes this season.  There are some comic moments. Uncle “K” almost being given mercy by Citizen Z as funny. We learn that Warren and the rest are eating crickets and avoiding meat.

Citizen Z and Kaya make a cute couple and hopefully more will be seen of them and Kaya’s family. 10K running off with a vial of the vaccine is an ominous sign. So too is the escape of The Man.  Murphy may not stay in Spokane for very long with both Warren and The Man after him.

If Warren does arrange some backup Murphy’s days as fearless leader may well be numbered.

Z Nation - Season 3

Z Nation airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in and see what happens next to The Murphy and The Man.


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