Rosewood: Spirochete and Santeria – Bloodlines (Review)


Rosewood this week is full of change. “Spirochete and Santeria” involves a  possible Santeria murder and new partners for Rosie and possibly Villa. Captain Slade appears to be bonding with Ira and Pippy now believes that Gerald is innocent.

After last week’s blowup where Donna stormed out of the planned family get together, things have calmed down this week. Pippy talks to Gerald and  now understands why her mother is so convinced that the man is innocent.

Rosie and the waitress down at the new spot finally end up together and there is a new M.E. in town. Villa and Dr. Webb have clicked and it appears that Rosie approves.

Ira learns that Slade’s father died and it appears that the two men have warmed up to one another. Slade is still the joker in the deck however. Later when Det. Hornstock is questioning the wife of the dead man, Slade enters and starts intimidating the woman.

This week’s murder victim actually approaches Rosie before dying.  Doug Russell brings in a briefcase full of money and asks Rosewood to do his autopsy. The desperate man tells Rosie that he will die within 24 hours.

Villa and Rosie go to Doug’s shop, he is a baker, and discover him dead. While he does the autopsy, Rosie learns that Russell’s wife Jillian practices Santeria. She confesses to killing Doug via the magic of her religion.

Initially Rosewood and Mitchie believe Doug died from a  blood clot after being struck by a car. Later they learn this is not the case but the answer was all about blood after all.

Part of the Santeria ritual involves drinking sacrificial blood. Doug participated in the ritual and wound up being infected with mad cow disease. It changed his behavior quite dramatically prior to his death.

Jillian’s new boyfriend Hunter, put the bacteria into Doug’s cup of blood. The motive was all about money, versus love, as he knew that Russell was worth a fortune.

Rosie’s new girlfriend has a daughter and classy guy that Dr. Rosewood is,  this does not affect how he feels about Tawnya one bit.  This episode featured both Rosie and Mitchie making a slight mistake during the autopsy. A blood test was not performed and he has to get the body back.

Mitchie is distraught as he believes it is his fault.

Pippy comes back to do some tests and there is no sign of TMI in this episode.  By the end of the episode, Pippy is on Donna’s side about the Gerald issue and only Rosewood is holding out, for now.

It is a tad disappointing that after solving Eddie’s murder Villa and Rosewood are not a couple.  Having them pursue other people at this stage in the show is disappointing to say the least.

The chemistry between the two is still there however. Rosewood airs Thursdays on FOX.


Guest starring Edwin Hodge as Doug Russell and  Amy Price-Francis  as Jillian Russell.

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