The Mindy Project: Mindy Lahiri is a Misogynist (Recap/Review)

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The Mindy Project saw Dr. Lahiri get in hot water by rejecting every single female doctor interviewed for a new position. Being labeled  a misogynist brings Mindy out of her corner fighting but it all backfires in the end. She is still dating Ben who gives advice about the new doctor, but Mindy manages to mess the sure thing up and Dr. Anna Ziev is hired over her objections.

This episode had some sly social comments hiding in the script this week. Jeremy, who saw himself as the male Margaret Thatcher in the previous episode, is under a great deal of strain.

He is riding a mobility scooter around the offices and has decided to hire another female doctor for the team. During the interview process, Mindy dislikes every single applicant. She brings in an alternative male applicant whom no one likes.

Later, after talking with Ben she brings in Dr. Anna Ziev, a drop dead gorgeous ice queen who  was fired from her last job for slapping a male doctor.  Both Jeremy and Jody say yes immediately and only Mindy votes no.

Her underhanded scheme backfires when her male colleagues opt to ignore Anna’s “violent” streak and hire her.  Mindy goes to New Jersey to visit with Ben and she gets on the wrong train the next morning.  She is an hour and a half late and Ziev takes on Mindy’s patient.

Lahiri is furious and tells Anna she is fired. The next day both Jeremy and Jody force Mindy to apologize and take Anna back. The entire office is there for the apology, as Mindy never apologizes, and while she does express regret for rashly firing Anna, Mindy has a bit more to say.

Lahiri explains that the male dominated peer group of doctors pressure women to compete rather than help, or nurture each female’s success.  It is, says Mindy, all down to the men.  She declares herself a feminist and while she does not win Anna’s friendship she does earn her respect.

It now appears that The Mindy Project has two new regulars. Ben the male nurse, who has a daughter he never bothered to mention, and Anna Ziev the new ob/gyn.

Ben is clearly “Mr. Nice Guy.” A man that Leo is clearly attached to and the male nurse has a daughter who is pretty much okay with Mindy dating her dad.

Speaking of Leo, he was nowhere to be seen in last night’s episode. Poor little chappy must have been palmed off on Danny or a babysitter. If there is any complaint about this show it is its lack of attention to Leo.

Sure The Mindy Project is a comedy but poor Leo, who is too young to be “latch-key kid” must be in training for that placement.  The kid is rarely seen and not even talked about very often.

(Sidenote: We love the show Ms. Kaling but this lack of mother and son time is disappointing. Keep the kid in the picture or write the poor little blighter out, he feels like a loose tooth that either needs looking at or should be pulled.)

Apart from this one jarring note about Leo, The Mindy Project is funny. Each episode has something that stands out. The mental picture of Robert the one male ob/gyn interviewed helplessly passing gas throughout the interview was a good example of why the show works overall.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu. Tune in and see if Mindy ever spends more than two seconds with Leo.


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