Chance: Hiring It Done – The Game Begins (Review)

Hugh Laurie as Eldon Chance

Everything cranks up a notch or two this week on Chance.  “Hiring It Done” sees Raymond start his campaign of intimidation intensify considerably. Eldon’s second meeting with Jackie Black sets the detective off and he suddenly makes Chance’s life his priority.

Firstly Eldon’s daughter Nicole goes missing from school.  His ex-wife and her new partner are up in arms and Chance drives around searching for Nicole. She calls him from a bus station and Eldon picks her up.

The girl was slapped and had her backpack and phone stolen.  She tells her dad that a homeless man did it, but it would not be surprising if it was Raymond Blackstone.

Blackstone hacks Eldon’s laptop. The doctor is scheduled to speak at a conference and when he opens the laptop for his speech he finds kiddie porn has been downloaded onto his screensaver.

Later, Eldon finds an old police file containing information about an arrest years before placed in the passenger’s seat of his car. The two bits of information could ruin Chance’s reputation and his job standing.

Concerned, Eldon goes to see D. After initially turning down D’s offer of help, Chance changes his mind after the three incidents that were  so clearly perpetrated by the detective.

Throughout the episode Chance changes. He becomes more assertive and even aggressive.  When Nicole went missing she left an art box at the school. The authorities looked through the box and found bits of cannabis.

Later, after learning that Nicole had been mugged, the school head rather condescendingly allows Eldon’s daughter to say on, despite a zero tolerance policy on drugs.  Chance interrupts and says that Nicole will be leaving after exams.

Eldon stops by to see D and agrees to a course of action. D tells Chance that the reason the cop has attacked so thoroughly is because Eldon scares him.

This is a slow paced program.  The show does not suffer from this as it is needed to set things up.  Clearly Chance is being influenced by D. The furniture and antique repairman is clearly a  predator, just  like Raymond Blackstone.

It is all too easy to see people on Eldon’s periphery being damaged by Blackstone in his attack.  How this will play out is anyone’s guess although with D on his side Chance should come out on top.

Raymond Blackstone wasted no time zeroing in on what he perceives as a soft target.  While it is easy to see where Raymond fits in here, Jaclyn’s place in all this is somewhat cloudy.

She claims that Jackie Black came about after being struck in the head  but her therapist warned Eldon to stay away. Clearly she believes that Jaclyn Blackstone poses problems for the unwary.

Chance is somewhat  taken with Jaclyn and it seems that “Jackie” feels the same way. The lustful exchange earlier in his apartment proves that sexually his feeling are reciprocated.

The series is moving slowly forward toward what may well be a very violent outcome.  Chance feels like it will erupt in violence at any moment and the suspense is very well played.

The series airs Wednesdays on Hulu.


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