Aftermath: A Clatter and a Chatter – Strange Days (Recap/Review)

 Aftermath - Season 1

The weird and disturbing world of Aftermath continues this week with “A Clatter and a Chatter.” The Copeland’s, and  Devyn are facing some strange days (as Boone says later on in the episode) and Aunt Sally turns up on the doorstep with Jeff Quantrell and things end badly.

Some of the new threats include a Japanese man-eating plant from mythology and bits of ground that look like fast acting quicksand. Other weird and wonderful changes in the status quo include demon possessed fever heads and what appears to be a Banshee.

The family outdistance the fever heads that were chasing them last week but  have run out of road.  Their attackers catch up.

A man on a white horse rides to their rescue. Devyn mumbles the “death on a pale horse” quote from the bible and the rescuer turns out to be an old Air Force flame of Karen’s.

Lamar “Booner” Boone has a base where he and a few others are keeping the fever heads and skinwalkers out. He is overjoyed to see Karen and Booner invites the family back to the base for some food and relaxation.

Her kids are somewhat dismayed to learn that their mother’s nickname was “Booty” and Joshua is not overly impressed with his wife’s old friend. Aunt Sally and Quantrell are running from the compound as it has been overrun with fever heads.

Quantrell is getting the fever and they rush to his cabin to get medicine to counteract the disease. They find the place ransacked and Sally pretty much forces Quantrell to take her to Karen. She is convinced that Booner will have more than enough medication to cure him.

Dana has a new fan, the young man who helped them get rid of the Japanese man-eating plants that were invading the RV. She asks Brianna for advice and Matt is not thrilled by this turn of events.

Aunt Sally has her hands full keeping Quantrell from going full fever head.  His conditions worsen on the trip. The car breaks down and they walk through the wood toward the base. Jeff is attacked by a skinwalker and he tells Sally to run.

Booner spends all his time visiting with Karen and does not go out of his way to be friendly to Joshua. Boone is clearly an alpha male and he is not happy that Karen is married.

Sally makes it to the compound. She stands at the gate asking to be let in. A sentry points his rifle at Karen’s sister. She points her gun at the man and threatens to shoots him.

Things get very tense and after a moment Sally is let in. Quantrell follows soon after.  He is clearly ill with the fever but Booner lets him in anyway.

An entire group of fever head skin walkers heads for the camp..  Booner sends out some of his people to drive them towards the compound. When they reach the compound he has explosives set off and they are all killed.

Quantrell gets free, he was restrained, and he kills aunt Sally.  Karen then kills him. The family watch as she lays down next to her dead sister.

“A Clatter and a Chatter” keeps the tension up. There were moments where things were a bit  “iffy” however.  For instance, the scene where aunt Sally and Quantrell have evacuated his compound. The expository line from Sally “So they overran your defenses and took over the base,” was almost laughable, but it worked…barely.

Another example was the “horde” of fever head skinwalkers being blown up. All the camera focuses on are the treetops and the “demons” rising upward, obviously cheaper than using a plethora of extras to show the massive amount of skinwalkers.

The man-eating  Japanese plant was a nice touch but the Banshee was a tad much. But it is, after all, the apocalypse and all sorts of myths have been brought to life.

Guest star Wayne Brady, better known by audiences as an affable gameshow host, knocked it out of the park as the bluff and somewhat earthy survivor who ran the camp.

So the Copeland’s have lost one of their number and Devyn is, so far, a poor fit.  The sheltered lad is having a hard time adjusting to life outside the commune and he could well be the next casualty. He does still dote on Brianna who feels responsible for the boy.

Aftermath continues to allow its characters to grow as each episode passes. Dana still has issues with guns but in this episode she fired one quite easily, although it was while going through a bit of a meltdown.

Matt is still not keen on Devyn and Joshua continues to maintain his low level sense of confidence which is quite impressive considering that he is married to a female version of Rambo.

Aftermath airs Tuesdays on SyFy and Space. Tune in and see what other new creatures and strange hazards will be introduced in these end of days.



Guest starring Wayne Brady as Lamar Boone and Steve Bacic as Jeff Quantrell


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