Son of Zorn: A Taste of Zephyeria (Recap/Review)


Son of Zorn “A Taste of Zephyeria” sees Zorn annoyed at a television show that depicts his fellow countrymen as violent and stupid. He becomes aggressive and overly defensive at work. Zorn then tries to educate his son Alan on what Zephyeria is really like and what being Zephyerian means.

Craig and Edie have new neighbors who have installed a talking gnome on the edge of the two properties. The verbal lawn ornament  repeats the phrase “There’s no place like gnome,” incessantly. It is driving Edie to distraction.

Alan has a crush on Layla, the photographer and reporter for his school’s paper. He asks her for coffee but Zorn “kidnaps” him to have lunch at an “authentic Zephyerian restaurant. Alan is not impressed and Zorn is upset that the eatery does not serve real dishes from Zephyeria.

Zorn makes Alan wear a Zephyeria belt, with an ‘A’ on it. The buckle is a weapon and the first time Alan wears the thing he inadvertently shoots a  teacher with a poison dart.  He wants to take the dangerous fashion accessory  off but it is magical in nature. Zorn tells Alan that if the attempts to remove it, he will turn to stone.

Alan tries once more to take Layla on a date. They go to his dad’s apartment where Zorn has decked out the entire place to represent the best of Zephyeria. Alan is mortified and reacts badly. The breaking point is the bagpipe made of human throats. When Zorn squeezes the instrument a human tongue flies out and hits Layla on the face.

The son of Zorn then yells at his father, grabs Layla and storms out of the apartment. He apologizes to her and she explains that she loved that Zorn was trying to teach Alan about his heritage. It only got awkward, she says, when Alan yelled at his father.

Craig sends a letter to the neighbors about the talking gnome and they ignore it. Edie approaches them and they are clearly not going to remove the annoying thing. Zorn arrives in a taxi and starts smashing rubbish bins with his sword.

Ron and April believe that he is Craig and they remove the gnome. Later, after Craig goes over to thank the Lee’s for moving the ornament, they fill their garden with annoying things. The verbal garden is put back in its original spot.

Edie calls and Ron blows her off. Angry, Edie takes out her ‘E’ Zephyerian hammer and bashes the gnome to bits.

Alan and Zorn settle their differences and the boy removes the belt after his dad puts him in bathtub full of stones. Alan confesses that he may like to wear the weaponized belt again and once more Zorn and his son are where they should be.

Son of Zorn continues to amuse with its storylines and the quirky relationship of Zorn with his son and ex-wife, along with Craig and the people at work sells the comedy brilliantly.

This could be a long term winner for FOX, although the network has  trouble sticking behind their comedy shows, think The Grinder here.

The series airs Sundays on FOX.


Guest starring  Clara Mamet as Layla, Eugene Cordero as Ron Lee and Maya Erskine as April Lee.

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