Narcos: Season 2, Episode 8 Exit El Patrón – Alone (Review)

Netflix Narcos

In “Exit El Patrón” Pablo Escobar’s bombing of the shopping center erases any residual popularity he may have had left. Narcos this week sees Tata in protective custody via the Colombian Police. Blackie is picked up and he rolls on Pablo.

Valeria Valez (Stephanie Sigman) acts as go-between at Tata’s urging and delivers a radio telephone from Pablo. The news reporter is murdered, along with her camera crew, immediately after delivering the  item. Spray painted on the news van is a note from Los Pepes “the whore of Pablo Escobar.”

Everyone deserts Escobar like rats fleeing a sinking ship. The “Little Lion” (Jon-Michael Ecker from Queen of the South) is garroted by Pacho’s right hand man after the Cali cartel take everything Escobar related from Pablo’s money man.

Shortly after Blackie is caught outside the hotel where Tata and the rest of Pablo’s family are being held in protective custody. Quica goes rogue. After threatening Limon that he had better stick with Pablo to the end, Quica shoots the two sicario’s on the money run. He then grabs a bag full of cash does a tries to flee the area.

Quica is caught after a car chase through the middle of Medellin and Murphy smacks the sicario in the face with a pistol. (The two have history, says the DEA agent via voice over.)

The only man who sticks by Pablo’s side is Limon the taxi driver. He is the last of  Escobar’s men to stand resolutely by his patrón.

In rapid succession Pablo has lost his family, money, men and power. Even allies like his mistress news anchor Valez have been taken out of the picture.

Colonel Martinez reveals that he knows someone within the ranks is passing on information to Los Pepes. He says he will not try to stop the leaks but the colonel stresses that the man standing over Pablo’s dead body must be a Colombian police officer.

Javi speaks to Trujillo, the other person feeding information to the Castaño brothers and, he agrees that a police officer should be the one who takes Escobar down.

President Gaviria shocks the state prosecutor by denying his request to send Escobar’s family to another country. Gustavo de Greiff has worked a deal wth Pablo to negotiate a surrender is his family were moved out of Colombia.

Gaviria rejects the offer and tells de Greiff that it is his fault that Escobar was able to kill so many people with his bombs.

With the entire country against him and only Limon by his side, Pablo is isolated and on the run. His days of being the richest criminal in the world are already over and as the police, the DEA and Los Pepes hunt him down, the end for Escobar is nigh.

Narcos is streaming on Netflix at the moment. There are two episodes left of the bio-drama. Tune in and see how Pablo meets his end.

(It should be pointed out the real life version of Velez, the news reporter, was not murdered by Los Pepes.)


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