Agents of SHIELD: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire – Daisy and Aida (Recap/Review)


Agents of SHIELD “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” sees the band getting back together again. Lost little lamb Daisy, aka Quake is welcomed back into the organization along with her new playmate Ghost Rider. Phil proves once again that he is an excellent judge of character but unable to spot the android, Aida, in the room.

There is a splendid moment in the episode where Simmons clearly recognizes that Aida is a robot, albeit it, a very good one. Fitz is still trying on the lie and an exasperated Jemma asks if he really does not realize that she is an android.

Agent Coulson manages to win Robbie Reyes’ trust, although he cannot budge Robbie’s uncle. Oddly, this PHD in prison does not make a connection between Phil and Robbie when his nephew asks about the same organization right after Coulson brings it up.

Daisy tricks Jemma into looking at an apartment, with a breakfast nook, in order to stop the SHIELD leak being used by the Watchdogs.  Quake does not realize just how far up the organizational ladder Simmons has moved.

The hack into the inhuman database leads Daisy and Jemma to James who works in a fireworks shop and warehouse. Simmons and Quake persuade him to help them stop the Watchdogs and he reluctantly agrees. Unfortunately, they find out that James is working for the bad guys and the two women are trapped.

They manage to escape and have to hide in an empty storage space. James hunts them down and is about to kill Daisy when Reyes arrives. He goes all flaming skull on James and the two fight.

Reyes easily out manuevers James who uses his own flame to burn a hole in the wall. This causes the two men to fall into the warehouse full of fireworks. Cue one big explosion and a disappointed amount of sky rockets exploding and Reyes dragging an unconscious James out of the building.

Reyes: You did say alive, right?”

Meanwhile May grumpily undergoes more tests and learns that Radcliffe killed her and she was not revived for seven minutes. Agent May is completely fooled by Aida and Radcliffe enhances the training given by Fitz to make her appear more human.

The android learns her lesson well. When Coulson meets her he believes Aida to be a double amputee. When Phil asks how she lost her hands the android answers that she was “born that way.” She is telling the truth but in such a way that she is avoiding the real question. Aida has, in essence, learned to lie.

Coulson has added Reyes unofficially to the SHIELD team in order to find the book. This tome was what changed Lucy and her colleagues into “ghosts.” The team are desperate to find it as the thing has been lost for a number of years.

GABRIEL LUNA as Ghost Rider Robie Reyes.

The inclusion of Ghost Rider should add some spice to the remainder of this season. It would be nice if Robbie can somehow influence Daisy to return properly to SHIELD. She has frozen everyone else out, although her closeness to Jemma allowed some leeway in on this mission.

There was no mention of the senator from last week’s episode.  Jemma now has to do what Radcliffe taught Aida, she must lie well enough to fool not Phil, but the new director’s lie detector.

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC. Tune in and see if Simmons can pull the lies off.


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